Posted 4 марта 2021,, 12:38

Published 4 марта 2021,, 12:38

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PIC OF THE DAY: Muscovites took to heart Narusova's words and go to pickets in evening dresses

PIC OF THE DAY: Muscovites took to heart Narusova's words and go to pickets in evening dresses

4 марта 2021, 12:38
The journalist wittily responded to the scandalous speech of Senator Lyudmila Narusova about the "homeless appearance" of people standing in solitary pickets near the building of the Federation Council.

Enchanting - you can't name it otherwise - the speech of Senator Lyudmila Narusova, mother of Ksenia Sobchak, at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building became a real network hit. It's worth reminding that Narusova spoke about single pickets near the building of the Federation Council - according to her, there are “homeless-looking people” on the porch of the building, and this is “unpleasant”:

“When I see some marginal people near the Federation Council with incomprehensible demands that do not fit into any framework at all, well, this is unpleasant. Straight on the steps of the Federation Council there are some kind of homeless-looking people with demands. And the fact that this person is standing on our porch, we seem to be in solidarity with him. This, in my opinion, is unpleasant..."

But this, as they say, is a matter of taste, but another circumstance frightens: Narusova, as you know, represents in the Senate the poorest region of Russia - the Republic of Tyva. If only she had to walk through the towns and villages of this region to develop immunity, then you look - she would not have noticed the "homelessness" of the metropolitan picketers.

Moreover, Narusova began her epoch-making speech with the assertion that single pickets were prohibited in Russia! It’s what kind of competence you need to have to say this in the circle of your colleagues, who laughed heartily at this knowledge of the laws by the country's supreme legislator.

The resourceful head of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Andrey Klishas, said in response: "We are waiting for a draft law banning single pickets from you".

Boyars do not like "unpleasant marginal... and homeless-looking people... on their porch"!

Journalist Sofiko Arifdzhanova wittily answered in her blog to "boyaryna" (barin's wife - editor's note) Narusova, she posted a photo in which she stands in an evening dress on the steps of the Federation Council with a poster: "Narusova, is it OK?"

Evening dresses are dresses for evening pickets, users joked on the Web.

However, Lyudmila Narusova herself, in an interview with the Ekho Moskvi radiostation, stated that she was misunderstood:

"The history of the issue is as follows. It was a meeting of our committee on March 2. I want to remind you that this was an anniversary - 90 years of Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev, our first president. And on this day I go to the meeting. There is a man on the steps - I will repeat this quite calmly - absolutely some kind of homeless, not very clean, combed, etc. with a poster, where he accuses Gorbachev of being an agent of world imperialism, Zionism and demands that he be tried by the court of history, by the court of the people - I don't know what name he stands for - and shoot him... In general, some kind of completely senile text.

And my reaction did not concern the picket itself, of course, as such, but the fact that if this person has been standing on the steps of the Federation Council for some time - and we have very serious guards there against anyone ... I imagine that if a person stood up with a picket in support of Navalny or some other content, he would not have stood for 10 minutes. This one has stood for quite a long time and, by the way, not one day, not only on this day, but earlier it had other slogans. After the committee, I expressed my personal attitude - this, so to speak, is not forbidden. - to the fact that this is happening. Instead of congratulating the first president, which was not done, in my opinion, in my opinion, if I am not mistaken - correct - at the state level, especially from the Federation Council...

And I said that by the fact that he stands on the steps, we, like we, tacitly approve of what he offers. And someone helpfully after my... - that's what I wanted to start with, in my opinion, it is more important; you didn't give me - on the eve I proposed a draft federal law, which is rather exotic for our present state, which caused some discontent among many, to put it mildly. And the chairman of our committee, Klishas, with whom I discussed and argued a lot about his amendments to the Constitution, which, apparently, also caused his displeasure, suddenly - I still don't know, either on purpose, or by chance under this entry, which already should not have been conducted, because there was no meeting at all - she says: "Well, Lyudmila Borisovna, make a law banning pickets". And it was this last phrase of my head of the committee that was taken as a basis to inflate... well, in the yellow press, maybe this is acceptable, but for serious journalism, in my opinion, not...

The fact is that someone leaked this recording to the Internet, and it was picked up. Because yesterday I had at least 10 calls from different publications, and journalists called and asked. Well, for example, the question: “Here is your daughter standing in pickets. Why are you against?" When I asked where I was against, there was no answer. This is what I mean. Before crowing, excuse me, I still had to call and ask, Do not take out of context the last phrase of the chairman of the committee, who kind of suggested it to me, I don’t know, I repeat, deliberately or on purpose, so to speak, provocatively, but call and ask, in connection with which, in general, the conversation turned up about it. Therefore, this is the first requirement for the reliability of the information reported".