Posted 4 марта 2021,, 13:40

Published 4 марта 2021,, 13:40

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"Psychodrama with pedophile passions": Sobchak evaluated "Salome" at the Bolshoi Theater

"Psychodrama with pedophile passions": Sobchak evaluated "Salome" at the Bolshoi Theater

4 марта 2021, 13:40
The first premiere of the year took place at the Bolshoi Theater at the end of February, the audience saw the most scandalous opera in history - "Salome" by Richard Strauss based on the play by Oscar Wilde.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Salome was forbidden to be staged on European stages, calling it "immoral and vicious", but times, as we all see today, have changed a lot and Salome has stepped onto the stage of opera.

In Russia, "Salome" was first shown in 1925; only four years later she stayed in the Bolshoi's repertoire and now, almost a hundred years later, she returned to the playbill.

Apparently, this time it will not do without a scandal around the production again...

Salome is the first of three performances that are planned to be collaborations between the Bolshoi Theater and New York's Metropolitan Opera.

An international cast was involved in the creation of the performance. “For example, Salome is directed by the chief conductor - Bolshoi Theater Music Director Tugan Sokhiev, stage director - Klaus Guth, set designer - Etienne Plyuss, costume designer - Ursula Kudrna, lighting designer - Olaf Frese," Atache of the Bolshoi Theater Katerina Novikova.

The legend of the Jewish princess, who wished the head of the prophet as a reward for the dance, was portrayed by the German director Klaus Guth in the aesthetics of the 19th century, that is, the time when Oscar Wilde was creating.

The Victorian era with its reforms, Mir 24 notes, responds easily to the modern viewer.

The chief conductor, musical director of the Bolshoi Theater Tugan Sokhiev told reporters that the entire cast is “musically bathed in this material”, and that today the plot of “Salome” has “a very relevant, maybe pandemic feeling”.

Ksenia Sobchak shared her impressions of "Salome" with subscribers on Instagram:

“I admit right away: I don't understand anything about opera. But I just want to share what I saw yesterday at the Bolshoi Theater. I was shocked! "Salome" made together with MET, but the premiere is not in New York, but here.

I sat straight and was proud that at such a level it was possible to make a production, modern and fearless. Provocative !! And in short !!! (an hour and a half in the modern world, ideal timing).

Pride for Russia and for the Bolshoi Theater. Not dusty classic costumes and outdated moves, but real psychodrama!

Well, I have a question for the New Ethical Cerberus: and wearing a dummy of a severed head will not injure a little girl? And participation in scenes depicting pedophile passions? Where is the line between the coolest, shocking art and your endless "trauma" to someone?

Until Maria Kuvshinova anathematized the performance, like the film "Tao", urgently go to the Bolshoi!"