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Published 5 марта 2021,, 10:50

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In the Yaroslavl Museum, Columbus turned out to be a Moldovan, and Genghis Khan given the additional name of Georgy Danilovich

In the Yaroslavl Museum, Columbus turned out to be a Moldovan, and Genghis Khan given the additional name of Georgy Danilovich

5 марта 2021, 10:50
In the Yaroslavl Museum of New Chronology, "sensational historical" findings are on display.

The popularity of false historians, authors of the scandalous "New Chronology" Fomenko and Nosovsky has acquired truly amazing proportions in our country. It is no secret that these "scientists" took in their time a quite sensible idea that many historical events have come down to us in a somewhat distorted form and with not quite accurate chronology - and brought it to a fierce, transcendental absurdity. And it seems that it is impossible to relate to their conclusions otherwise than to unscientific fiction. It turns out that nothing is impossible!

Network analyst Grigory Sverdlin shared in his publication his enthusiasm for visiting one of the Yaroslavl museums:

“In my entire life, only two museums have made an indelible impression on me: the Uffizi and the Museum of New Chronology in Yaroslavl. Three floors, accessible environment, multimedia and a real guided tour.

I held out for the first two halls, but when I saw the stand about Georgy Danilovich Genghis Khan, I came to believe.

There were no Middle Ages, it was the ignorant who invented it. The central event in world history is the murder of a bear in a mating trial by Yaroslav the Wise. Since he was not just Yaroslav, but also George the Victorious, Ares and Joseph, that is, he is the Pope of Jesus Christ. There is still fascinating about birth - a cesarean section and other difficulties, but I am not going into details yet - you are not ready yet.

Etruscans are, in fact, Russians. Everything went from us. Starting to colonize South America from the south, we founded the civilizations of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas. We colonized the northern one, of course, through Alaska. Columbus is a Moldovan, and then he sailed.

European languages were created - close your eyes, mother-philologist - based on the Perm alphabet. By the way, all religions are also from us - Christianity, the foremother of all religions, only in the 17th century was it divided into Judaism, Buddhism and everything else there.

What else. And, the Egyptian pyramids were made of concrete in general, the formwork in Yaroslavl lies. I saw it myself. and the Kulishki district, dear Muscovites, it is not without reason Kulishki. Kulikovo field is there!

Amazing place. Was it all real?"


As one of the commenters on this post wrote:

“And we still laugh at Ukrainian historians with their “grave of Hercules near Zhitomir”, “ancient Ukrainians who dug up the Black Sea”, “apostles who were all Ukrainians” (except for Judas, he was a Muscovite), “the Persian wars of the 3rd century BC" and "immigrants from near Melitopol, who founded the ancient Greek Miletus". And here we have our own "geniuses of historical science" raving with might and main..."

And another commentator is indignant:

“Unfortunately, this is not fun at all... Who gave this booth the status of a museum?! What ignorant officials signed all the necessary papers to resolve this obscurantism?! And where did the Ministry of Culture look and look?! Let's protest! Let it be renamed into the "entertainment center" or "antiscientific performance territory". Not a museum..."