Posted 5 марта 2021,, 07:32

Published 5 марта 2021,, 07:32

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Masha and taxi drivers: the story of how Sakhalin was occupied by Chinese inseminators

Masha and taxi drivers: the story of how Sakhalin was occupied by Chinese inseminators

5 марта 2021, 07:32
We continue to publish stories from taxi drivers, recorded by the correspondent of "Novye Izvestia" Maria Dubinskaya. All these are real stories heard by the journalist from taxi drivers on their way through the capital's traffic jams. Today is a story from a taxi driver from Sakhalin.

“- In Sakhalin, you know, Maria, there are no normal women left at all. Sad but true. Although, it's clear to me why this is so: some Chinese inseminators around! Our men only sparkle with their heels, they go away. Therefore, wherever you look, solid - if in a simple way, excuse me, of course - slut and DWC.

- What, what did you say?DWC?

- Yes: divorcee with a coupling. The situation on Sakhalin, as I tell you, is disastrous. The Chinese have actually occupied everything, only like this, you know, in a quiet way. And the government doesn't care. They don't think about the gene pool, they don't care.

Meanwhile, our women have gone crazy and are jumping out to marry the Chinese! But the cornichon is not a cucumber for you, the Chinese is not a friend to our woman!

Here she looks at any overwhelming Russian peasant with hungry eyes. And then - once: on you, Chinese daddy, look - little russian baby, get it!

Yes, even if the real father of the child is "Made in China", there are still a lot of divorces. Well, our women cannot live normally with them, hence all these DWCs.

Somehow recently I was visiting at home, I went to a bar, I barely got off: what's going on - girls are hanging on me in bunches, pounced on, in fact!

And I'm married, I'm not interested in casual relationships, thank you. Yes, and I wouldn't look at a loose woman in my life, I don't need all this nafig!

By the way, do you know what's going on in the world now? I learned a long time ago: games on the basic instinct!

A woman is made into an object for consumption, a commodity. Baba is sold everywhere: in magazines, in shop windows, on the Internet... Ugh!

Without a bare ass and boobs - nowhere. Nothing excites for a long time: everything is open and accessible, no secret!

And these terrible ruins and "pricked" eyebrows? I see it every day! Here you have your own eyebrows, it seems, this can already be called an exception. I don’t understand what these fools are thinking? Why did they decide that it is beautiful and someone will covet it? Yes, even if he does, what can they offer a man, besides their silicone jellied meat and a pie between his legs? Sorry for being rude ... But we are not idiots, even if we look like that!

A man always clearly distinguishes: this woman is only suitable for entertainment, but this is the woman with whom you want to create a family, whom you want to love. It has always been that way. But today, representatives of the first species are increasingly found, it has become fashionable to be a dull painted doll. But the nightmare and degradation of the modern woman is expressed not only in this: she has simply forgotten her place. He wants to surpass the peasant: not to follow him, but to be the opposite!

And if she succeeds in doing it, then she herself then throws it. Women don't like teddy bears! Everyone needs their own alpha male, so nature arranged it! A correct man will never put a woman on a pedestal. A normal man has a woman, do you know where she should be?

- Which one?..

- On the third! On the first - parents, on the second - work, friends and all kinds of hobbies, and then a woman.

- And the Bible says: "A man will leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife, and they will be one flesh..." Does your wife like being in third place?

- I haven't complained since 2004!

- That is, in your classification, a woman - even the same beloved one - means less to a man than his football, fishing and friends, right?

- Judies can change, but a friend is one and only!

- If we are talking about "Judies" - it is clear. But if, after all, about the beloved wife, about a real family, then this is somehow strange... By the way, then what priorities, in your opinion, should a normal woman have?

- And there is no need to invent anything. A woman is intended to give harmony to her man, to create comfort at home and, in short, for all that other stuff.

- Of course, one cannot but agree with this. But you do not deny a woman the opportunity to work and tryndet with her friends, and also have some of your hobbies?

- With girlfriends? Yes, there can be no girlfriends! They just don't exist! There is no such thing as a "girlfriend"! Do you know, in general, that the word "friend" comes from the word "squad"?

- Now I know... Thank you for the fascinating conversation, today there will be something else to talk about with a friend; stop at that entrance, please".