Posted 11 марта 2021,, 18:05

Published 11 марта 2021,, 18:05

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Question of the day: who would have fought against fascism if the United States had not saved Russia from the hunger?

Question of the day: who would have fought against fascism if the United States had not saved Russia from the hunger?

11 марта 2021, 18:05
The American charity organization ARA alone in 1921-1923 fed at least 10 million citizens of Soviet Russia and saved them from death.

The network analyst Oleg Myasnikov originally noted in his blog the 100th anniversary of the terrible famine that befell the young Soviet state:

“A quiz for stubborn patriots who do not remember the good.

It is 100 years since the terrible disaster that swept Soviet Russia in the early 1920s, when about 40 million people in 35 provinces starved and as a result more than 5 million adults and children died, i.e. more than the Russians were killed in the First World War and the Civil War combined!

In Soviet Russia, various committees, societies, missions to save the starving regions were created. The most famous is the Pomgol Central Committee (Central Committee for Aid to Famine), created by the intelligentsia, with which Lenin, Stalin and the Cheka fought tirelessly and fiercely, fearing the self-organization of the public. The world community, the so-called West of our patriots, also reacted to the famine in Soviet Russia. Well-known world figures (scientists, writers, businessmen, politicians, religious figures) joined in to help. The most famous organizer of famine relief, the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen, stirred up not only Europe, but also the United States and Canada, which very quickly organized large-scale and efficient supply and distribution of food, medical equipment and instruments, medicines and vaccines against typhoid and cholera.

Only the American ARA (American Relief Administration) in the period 1921-1923 fed at least 10 million Russians and saved them from death. In just two years, the ARA spent about $ 78 million, of which $ 28 million - the money of the US government, 13 million - the Soviet government, the rest - charity, private donations, funds from other private organizations.

Attention! Question:

How many recruits would have been reduced to recruitment into the Red Army in the period from spring to December 1941, if the West had not helped Soviet Russia in 1921-1923?


By the way, Lenin replaced the surplus appropriation system with a tax in kind only in March 1921, and in early October 1921 Trotsky gave strictly secret instructions to the Soviet agent in Germany Viktor Tropp to place orders for rifles and machine guns in the amount of 10 million gold rubles at a time when the people in the Volga region ate each other...