Posted 11 марта 2021,, 08:28

Published 11 марта 2021,, 08:28

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Roman Gazenko: "Digital education declares war on our children"

Roman Gazenko: "Digital education declares war on our children"

11 марта 2021, 08:28
A round table on the topic “Digital school as a “new normality”- a path to human degradation” was held in Moscow, in which scientists, teachers, journalists, human rights activists, and lawyers took part. One of the speakers was the director, publicist and political strategist Roman Gazenko.

“When we say that an experiment is being carried out related to the digitalization of Russian education, we can say that the result of this experiment is obviously understandable if we know the mechanisms of the impact of digital technologies.

Therefore, first of all, we are talking about declaring war on the child, from the point of view of digitalization. This is not an experiment. No need to experiment when the result is clear.

Of course, it is better not to bite the apple in which the worm sits, but we are forced to do this, and our consent, excuse me, is not asked for this.

What is the essence of the formation mechanism, first of all, of a social personality?

In the 1980s, both Japanese and East Germany scientists made a fantastic discovery. It would probably become a sensation if, for certain reasons, then incomprehensible to me, it was not blocked.

So, the cortical system of the brain - or what we call the second signaling system, that is, the material carrier of consciousness, is formed on a linguistic basis.

That is, in the beginning, excuse me, there was the Word. The perceived acoustic vibrations form those very neural connections. Not the other way around. As Humboldt said, language forms a picture of the world, and I would add: it forms the idea of a person or a child about his place in the "subject - object" formula.

What is this based on? The language is divided into two large groups. There is a so-called passive stock and an active stock. There are active types of speech activity and passive ones.

Passive includes listening - or listening and reading, and active, respectively, speaking and writing.

So, the trick is that the active reserve - that is, the ability of a person not only to perceive external signals, but also to relay them, to become a subject - is acquired only through training active types of speech activity.

How was it in the Soviet school? We hear and write. This is a dictation. Until the child wrote this, he did not learn it. You can read the whole Leo Tolstoy, but at the same time, from the point of view of intellect, it will not give anything.

You can say the word "halva" a hundred times, but it won't get sweeter in your mouth, you can reread Pushkin and still make grammatical mistakes - as long as it's not "trained".

What does the digital system offer us? First of all, tablet forms of education.

A pen was removed from the child's hands. This subject forms an active personality.

Lack of active vocabulary - like a dog, “I understand everything, but I can't say” - shapes the future digital slave. Dot.

Accordingly, the concept of the former head of the Russian Ministry of Education Fursenko is being implemented, which was formulated as follows: our goal is to form a qualified consumer.

The society that forms the future consumer has no future.

It turns into a dumb mass without an active supply that will wait for a third-party operator to fill the trough. Well, if the mass behaves well. Or it won't fill.

The formation of consciousness, personality skills, social personality, in a child does not change depending on the development of technology.

Thousands of years ago and now - this algorithm is the same.

The accelerated development of digital technologies, as artificial amplifiers of possibilities, is in contradiction with the natural course of the development of consciousness.

Accordingly, it is in conflict with the basic traditional methods of education and upbringing.

So this experiment is, I repeat, a war declared on a child, in which he has no chance of winning if he is not supported".

You can watch the video from the round table "Digital school as a "new normality"- the path to human degradation" on the Stalingrad YouTube channel here.