Posted 12 марта 2021,, 12:10

Published 12 марта 2021,, 12:10

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Singer Katya Lel interviewed the planet's chief conspiracy theorist David Icke

12 марта 2021, 12:10
Katya Lel posted a sensational interview on her YouTube channel. The singer, who several years ago made a statement that she had experience of communicating with aliens, managed to talk with the planet's chief conspiracy theorist, writer David Icke, who was blocked on many information platforms, including YouTube.

Hayk himself immediately made a clarification: he should not be called a conspiracy theorist, but a "researcher of conspiracy theories." He told Katya Lel about what he thinks about the pandemic and the fear of death, how, in his opinion, one should perceive the surrounding reality and whether he is supervised by any of the "representatives of higher civilizations".

“Actually, I do not identify myself as entirely representative of the human race.

One should ask the question what is human and what it is to be human.

Most people will be shocked when they find out, when they realize that what we call the world is only a tiny range of frequencies that we see, distinguish.

According to the data of official science, the electromagnetic spectrum is only 5 thousandths of all the information that exists in the Universe.

And the visible spectrum, that is, what we perceive visually, is a tiny fraction of these five thousandths of a percent.

Therefore, in our daily life, we are practically deprived of access to a huge set of information that exists in the Universe, and the question arises, why is this so?

This is because the biological computer, as I call our body, only decodes a small range of data called our world.

Our attention is focused precisely on this tiny frequency range and therefore we perceive the world in such a way, it seems to us that it is the way we see it.

But if you identify yourself only with your body and human existence, then in fact you will live only in such a small bubble that exists in the huge surrounding world.

What we call human or human existence is, in fact, the structure of our body, our brain, and how it decodes this information.

An elephant acts like an elephant because its genetic makeup decodes information in this way.

There is a big difference between the experience of the body and the true self.

Therefore, we return to the postulates about whether we will identify ourselves with certain labels or we will understand that these are certain sensations of some kind of infinite, infinite consciousness or mind.

If we perceive our own “I” only as an organism, then this life will seem very limited and frightening.

One of the fears that allows you to manipulate people, control them is the fear of death.

But in reality, this is just the fear of the unknown.

That is why a certain, so to speak, sect hides from the population the true essence of our reality.

What was this motive, this force that made millions of people go under house arrest under the threat of this so-called virus? It was the fear of death.

When you identify yourself with infinite consciousness, and not just with human experience, you lose the fear of death, because you realize that there is no such thing as death. There is only going away from bodily experience.

When you understand this, the world no longer seems so scary, and those in power do not seem so omnipotent. "

The full version of the conversation between Katya Lel and David Icke can be seen here.