Posted 12 марта 2021,, 04:46

Published 12 марта 2021,, 04:46

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

The scandal with "Sputnik V" vaccine forced the head of the Ministry of Health of Slovakia to resign

The scandal with "Sputnik V" vaccine forced the head of the Ministry of Health of Slovakia to resign

12 марта 2021, 04:46
The Minister of Health of Slovakia Marek Krajci resigned - he believes that this will resolve the government crisis, which arose due to the country's acquisition of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V, which is not registered in the European Union.

According to "Slovak Radio", the Minister issued the permission for the use of the Russian drug. After his dismissal, it was possible to maintain unity, smoothing out differences in the government coalition of the republic.

“The two parties in the coalition made my resignation a condition under which they would remain in the government. In such a situation, I think, there was no point in arguing, I do not hold on to his seat", - Reuters quoted the of Krajci.

It is noted that the Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovic, who will remain in office, initiated the purchase of the vaccine. Representatives of two of the four coalition parties were in favor of Matovic's resignation.

Now Krajci will take the place of the head of the health committee of the National Council (Parliament) of Slovakia.

Recall that Matovic agreed on the supply of the vaccine bypassing the coalition partners, and this caused their displeasure. The Party "For the People" threatened to withdraw from the coalition, and the "Freedom and Justice" demanded a reshuffle in the government.

Slovakia bought the first batch of Sputnik V on March 1. Matovic stated that the country purchased the drug without waiting for its registration at the EU level, as "there is no time for delay".