Posted 15 марта 2021,, 09:30

Published 15 марта 2021,, 09:30

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The winner of the "Ice Age" is shortlisted for the space flight

The winner of the "Ice Age" is shortlisted for the space flight

15 марта 2021, 09:30
Фото: инстаграм Ольги Кузьминой
In April, Channel One will announce the name of the actress who will go to the ISS for filming in the scientific and educational project of Roscosmos "Challenge". According to some reports, the most likely contender for this role is Olga Kuzmina, the star of the TV series "Kitchen".

The fact that Olga Kuzmina was on the short list of applicants is reported by "KP", citing its sources. In favor of the actress played and her excellent physical shape, which could be seen by the audience of "Ice Age", and even a small height - 157 cm. Now the actress is preparing for a medical examination and test trials. However, neither Kuzmina nor other applicants can yet confirm this fact, since under the contract they are obliged to keep all the details of the selection secret.

It is planned that the performer of the leading role will go into orbit on the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS together with the director - he will be Klim Shipenko - and the understudy. The second most likely contender is called the actress Maria Valeshnaya, who is now filming in the film about Sergey Yesenin "December" by Shipenko.

In total, about three thousand questionnaires were sent to the competition, and such stars as Svetlana Khodchenkova and Svetlana Ivanova took part in the tests. The confirmed names of the actress and her stunt double, who will go into space, will be announced in April. And the launch of the film crew is scheduled for October.

The joint project of Channel One and Roscosmos "Challenge" is aimed at popularizing space tourism. The idea is to show the world that Russia is able to quickly prepare an ordinary person for space flight. As it happens with the heroine of the film, who, after a short preparation, is sent into orbit.