Posted 15 марта 2021,, 07:53

Published 15 марта 2021,, 07:53

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"Why then you decided to give birth?": A mother of seven children tried to commit suicide  because of the complete poverty

"Why then you decided to give birth?": A mother of seven children tried to commit suicide because of the complete poverty

15 марта 2021, 07:53
Фото: Сабина Мамедова
A mother of many children from Bashkiria, Sabina Mamedova, tried to commit suicide after she ended up in a debt hole and instead of help received numerous questions "why gave birth?"

The woman has seven children (including a disabled person), whom she brings up alone. The family does not have enough money, which is why debts for utilities have accumulated. The other day, a flood occurred in Mamedova's house, but instead of rescuers, gas workers arrived to turn off the gas.

A mother with many children turned to the head of Bashkiria, Radiy Khabirov, for help. However, it was not he who responded to her message on the social network, but the head of the Davlekanovsky district, Ilgiz Mukhamedzyanov, who offered to issue payment by installments, as well as compensation as the poor. Mamedova wrote that she was denied the installment plan, and that compensation could not be formalized because of the debt. This comment went unanswered, reports Proufu.

The woman also turned to users of social networks for help, but in response she was only hounded. “People are embittered, they write why I gave birth to children, it's their own fault. I am a believer, this is my answer to the question why I gave birth. I asked for the help, but in response they began to write nasty things to me. I couldn’t stand it", - Mamedova said.

As a result, on March 12, a mother with many children left a message on the social network that she intended to commit suicide. “The further fate of my family is on the conscience of those who so deeply wished us “good” and “helped” us! Farewell holy people, be happy on this blessed Davlekanovskaya land. Maybe now the cry of the mothers will be heard! But I can’t take it anymore, I just can’t!!!!!!! I can’t! ”She wrote. This message was seen by a volunteer who helped save the woman.

“In some ways I can even understand her. When she spoke about her misfortune online, instead of help and support, she was bombarded with scary, accusing and reproachful comments. A prosperous and strong person will simply close them, not paying attention to parasites crawling in the net, just as they do not pay attention to flies and earthworms. But a person who is weakened, torn by years of trials, can finally break down. Fortunately, Sabina was rescued, and now she is once again face to face with her problems”, - commented on the incident morena_morana on LiveJournal.

According to her, “in a philosophical sense, Mamedova gave birth so that we all would understand that there is no need to wait for support from the outside”, we must rely only on our own strength.