Posted 16 марта 2021,, 07:36

Published 16 марта 2021,, 07:36

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In Yekaterinburg, police trump up a case against a pensioner for refusing to talk with the guardians of order

In Yekaterinburg, police trump up a case against a pensioner for refusing to talk with the guardians of order

16 марта 2021, 07:36
In Yekaterinburg, police officers came to the pensioner's apartment. Tatyana Boyarchenko felt bad that morning and asked the uninvited law enforcement officers to leave. For this they twisted her arms, handcuffed her and took her to the police station.

Now the woman faces a sentence for inhospitality - according to the "people's" article 318.

Julia Suntsova

The maximum sanction under Article 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Use of violence against a government official" is up to 10 years in prison.

February 8 was difficult in the morning. Tatyana Boyarchenko, 64, was lying in her room with high blood pressure, headaches and an asthma attack. The youngest daughter Olga and her neighbor drank tea in the kitchen.

At 11 o'clock, the young man told Tatyana that Olga felt bad. A 28-year-old girl recently returned from a rehabilitation center. After the death of her father, she began to have problems with alcohol, and she agreed to treatment. “The younger sister really has such a problem. As we can, we solve it within the family. She really wants to quit”, - says brother Maxim. Olga was discharged with a list of drugs that had to be taken at home for some time.

At about 11.40 the resuscitation team arrived. The doctors began to pump out the patient. A quarter of an hour later, a precinct girl with an escort appeared on the threshold of the apartment. According to the family's assumptions, doctors, according to instructions, reported to the police about a possible suicide attempt.

“I myself did not call the police. How and why they entered the apartment, I did not even have time to understand. I only remember that the police officer very strongly asked me then to sign papers stating that she had previously reacted to our appeals or something like that. At that moment I was not at all up to some of the challenges of the past years. My daughter is washed here and pumped out, loaded onto a stretcher under a dropper. I had an asthma attack myself, I was waiting for my son to bring me the medicine. Several times I politely asked the district police officer with the second person to leave, and they left, but they were very unhappy that I did not agree to talk to them", - says Tatyana Valeriyevna.

The dismissal of the police officer, apparently, was the trigger for further emergency events.

After the ambulance left, Tatyana Boyarchenko felt a severe attack of suffocation and took medicine. About half an hour later, the doorbell rang again. The pensioner opened and saw two young people in uniform. They didn’t introduce themselves, didn’t show their ID and other documents, didn’t give the reason for their arrival, they only demanded “to go with them to the department”.

“I honestly said that I feel bad and now I cannot go with them. She said I’ll come myself where I need to when the relief comes. They insisted, I refused again. One of them, as I now know, Sergeant of the PPSP Bayramov, put his foot in and did not let me close the door. The second policeman started filming me, calling someone and generally behaving rudely. I felt that I felt really bad and once again explained to them that I was not able to go anywhere, I asked them to leave. After that, they handcuffed me and dragged me out of the apartment”, - says Tatyana Valeriyevna.

For five minutes the police rolled the twisted "dangerous criminal" in the elevator, then they remembered that it was winter outside and took mercy: they allowed them to return and put on their outerwear, after which they were taken to Police Department No. 7 in the Oktyabrsky District.

There the investigator was already waiting for Tatyana Valeriyevna. She tried to explain that she felt bad, that she urgently needed to go back home to take medicine. But the investigator replied that since she urgently needed to go home, they would talk, of course, very quickly. But exclusively under the protocol. The pensioner was nevertheless divorced for testimony, a lawyer and a doctor were not provided, and four days later the pensioner became a suspect in a criminal case of violence against police officers.

“Explain the train of thought of the senior investigator Shikhov, who initiated the criminal case, and the similar qualification of the actions of an elderly woman in a state of hypertensive crisis, who is in her own house and was frightened by two police officers breaking into an apartment, as “ the use of violence against a government official or the threat of violence against a government official or his relatives in connection with the performance of his official duties ”, probably, it is possible only by taking care of the honor of the uniform. Or the possible need to fulfill the plan under the "protest" article. " My mother did not go to rallies, did not lead any political activity. In the Oktyabrsky district of Yekaterinburg, according to my information, there is now just a surge in the initiation of cases under Article 318. The fact is that all political protest actions and detentions geographically take place in the Leninsky and Kirovsky districts. It seems that the Oktyabrsky District (the police stations in it) is simply offended, and is making up for the expense of pensioners, and right at their homes”, - comments Tatyana Valeriyevna's son Maxim.

At 19 o'clock the same day, the middle daughter Yekaterina took her mother to the emergency room No. 2 of the City Hospital No. 36 of Yekaterinburg to witness the injuries from the handcuffs. The doctors carried out the necessary manipulations, but they refused to issue a certificate, explaining that the conclusions on such incidents (with the participation of police officers) are transmitted only directly to the police and they will need to be taken from there (?!).

On February 11, the children took Tatyana Valeriyevna to another emergency room, also a state one, at the Central City Hospital No. 7.

Doctors diagnosed her with "contusion of both upper extremities, damage to the ligaments of the left elbow joint". We recommended treatment in a clinic at the place of residence.

She, together with her lawyer, filed a counter statement about the abuse of office by police officers to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office. But in response so far - a deep silence...

“Unauthorized persons, including representatives of the authorities, do not have the right to enter the homes of citizens without a court order and against their will, the consent of the residents is required. But, even in spite of these violations by the police, my client did not refuse to interact. She expressed her readiness to drive up to the department on her own after the asthma attack had passed, and all this was done without a single harsh word, without a single insult. What are the cops doing? They invade the apartment, apply special equipment to an innocent, even unsuspecting person, inflict injuries.

Tatyana Valeriyevna Boyarchenko never received an apology. I associate the initiation of the criminal case with the fact that the client was able to witness the injuries caused by the police - and they decided to seize the initiative. The trauma center issued a conclusion on February 11, the decision to initiate a case appeared the next day - February 12.

"In my opinion, the general situation in the country is such that the police officers have forgotten how to work. All they can do is go home and provoke citizens on the 318th article”, - comments Tatyana Boyarchenko’s lawyer Vano Katashvili.

According to the Judicial Department under the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, in 2019, almost 6 thousand people were brought to criminal responsibility under this article.