Posted 17 марта 2021, 15:10

Published 17 марта 2021, 15:10

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In the special operation mode: the scenario of the transit of power in the country has been worked out and is being implemented

17 марта 2021, 15:10
Сергей Белановский
Despite the fact that some of the events that will happen soon will look unexpected, in fact, they are already envisaged in the special operation plan.

I watched a program about Khrushchev's memoirs on the Zvezda channel. Yes, and sometimes interesting things happen on this channel. It was about the fact that the transfer of Khrushchev's memoirs to the West was in fact a special operation of the KGB. It is difficult to say whether Khrushchev knew about this. The essence of the operation was that a censored version was transferred, from which small in volume, but historically most valuable fragments were cut out. According to the presenter, the complete publication of Khrushchev's memoirs was carried out in Russia in 1999, when it was no longer interesting to anyone.

By the way, the technology of neatly cutting out small fragments of text has been well developed. For example, in about the same 70s, the emigre edition "Posev" published Bulgakov's book "The Master and Margarita", in which fragments cut out in the Soviet edition were inserted in italics. Very neat and thorough work is visible. Sometimes even individual words were cut out.

I mean, the technology of special operations has not gone anywhere. Perhaps it has only just improved.

Why am I doing this? And besides, the grandiose special operation is unfolding before our eyes. I do not know what its code name is, but in our language it is called "power transit". It is naive to think that this process has been left to chance. It is clear that it will not proceed according to a well-known scenario, not according to the principle of copying the Yeltsin-Putin or Putin-Medvedev transit. Such an operation "Successor" will not work today. And if it does, it’s for show. The events will look unexpected, but in reality it will be a scenario. Could something go wrong? Can. But I'm starting to think that there is a high probability that everything will go according to plan. We already see the elements of the implementation of this plan.

Is it bad? Not necessary. If you believe the reports, the idea that the USSR needs to somehow be reformed came from Andropov, and he was gathering for this a kind of secret cabinet. Long before that, Brezhnev, after the initial attempts at Kosygin reforms, slept the rest of the time. Andropov tried to bring up the topic "What to do," but quickly left. Chernenko also slept through his short term. Well, young Gorbachev got down to business in earnest. Maybe his mistake was that his actions were not just a special operation, he had no plan.

Now the country, as under Brezhnev, has entered the country into a political dead end. I would outline it with two short theses.

  1. Foreign policy. The situation has reached the point that the disintegration of the country, partly under the influence of external interference, has become much more real. I have already written about the failure of Eastern policy.
  2. In domestic politics: after very few attempts at first to do something, the rest of the time the authorities slept. The judicial system was finally destroyed.

But now I see attempts by those in power (it is difficult to personify, but I admit that Putin is aware and decided not to interfere) to find some way out of the impasse. Like Andropov in his time. And I hope that the first item there is a sane foreign policy.

I return to the original idea that the transit of power will not be spontaneous. His script has been worked out and is being implemented. It's just that we, like fools, see everything, but we do not understand (or misunderstand) anything.

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