Posted 18 марта 2021,, 09:42

Published 18 марта 2021,, 09:42

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Kadyrov's fighters complained to Putin about Novaya Gazeta's investigations

Kadyrov's fighters complained to Putin about Novaya Gazeta's investigations

18 марта 2021, 09:42
Фото: Грозный ТВ
Officers of the Akhmat Kadyrov Special Police Regiment recorded a video message to President Vladimir Putin with a request to stop Novaya Gazeta's “attempts to insult the soldiers” of the regiment.

The video, posted on the regiment's instagram , used footage from the air, from long-range and close-up shots, which depicts the building in which the regiment is located, and the parade formation of personnel in full ammunition.

“We, the fighters of the special police regiment, are asking you to pay attention to the vile attacks of the fake newspaper, which is Novaya Gazeta, against our fighters”, - is stated in the description of the video.

One after another, armed fighters have come forward with accusations against the journalists of Novaya Gazeta, claiming that the reporters allegedly "began to arrange provocations" against the regiment and "spread slander". At the same time, the fighters say that in fact they are conducting "successful special operations to destroy terrorists".

Those gathered do not comment on the specific stories of people who turned to the editorial office of Novaya Gazeta for protection, complaining about torture and beatings in the Chechen police department.

Instead, the police appeal to the president.

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, in order to get political asylum, some scum are composing lies against us, I invent whatever they want. It is clear why they do it. And in general, everything is clear with these people. But why is Novaya Gazeta, located here in Russia, spreading their lies throughout the country”, - the fighters said.

The regiment officers accused the journalists of Novaya Gazeta that, sitting in the capital of Russia, "they systematically publish false articles about the Chechen Republic." However, the security forces did not mention a single fact of filing civil defamation suits against the publication.

“We believe that these provocations must be stopped”, - the Dozhd TV channel quotes an appeal from one of the fighters.

What exactly should be the expected reaction of the president to such an appeal, the security officials do not specify. However, the participants in the appeal add that, for their part, they are "ready for anything".

“We are ready to fulfill any of your orders”, - is said in the explanations for the video.

Earlier, "Novaya" published a number of articles about the torture of people in the departments of the Chechen Interior Ministry. One of the former employees of the department, in an interview with reporters, admitted that in January 2017 he participated in the detention of hundreds of residents of Chechnya, and also knew about the murder of 13 people. In addition, he described in detail how the torture was organized and indicated the names of individual detainees.

The data on the facts of torture in the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chechnya were also confirmed by the ECHR. As a result of investigations, Russia was obliged to pay large financial compensation to victims of torture.

In response to the publication of a scandalous text about torture in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Chechen Press Minister Akhmed Dudayev demanded that the country's leadership "take measures within the framework of Russian and international law" against Novaya Gazeta. And the participants in the rally in Chechnya demanded that Novaya Gazeta be closed. By a strange coincidence, on the afternoon of March 15, shortly after the publication of the resonant text, the editorial office of Novaya in Moscow was subjected to a chemical attack.