Posted 19 марта 2021,, 10:22

Published 19 марта 2021,, 10:22

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Mikhail Khazin: "Very soon, living in Moscow will become much worse than in the province"

Mikhail Khazin: "Very soon, living in Moscow will become much worse than in the province"

19 марта 2021, 10:22
Economist and political scientist Mikhail Khazin on the air of the radio station "Govorit Moskva" told why soon living in the capital will become "much worse", but in the regions there will be "just a song" (which means very nice - editor's note).
Moscow region

“The situation is very simple: the West will not give us money, this is already clear. We have to invest ourselves.

To do this, everything needs to be changed: monetary policy, tax policy, exchange rate policy, budget policy, antimonopoly policy, competition stimulation policy, and so on.

All this needs to be done. The current government will not do this.

Belousov and Mishustin tried to rock them, but this is impossible.

I don’t know how this problem will be solved, but it will be solved.

I will tell you a terrible secret.

In fact, a colossal number of enterprises, very large and very serious, are being built in the country. And not in Moscow.

It is absolutely obvious that as soon as the economic collapse of the current model occurs, and it does, life in Moscow will become much worse.

Well, because there won't be that much money.

And then the situation will be very simple: either you will beggar in Moscow, in these concrete meters, or you will be offered very interesting ideas for development in the regions.

Because as soon as you, accordingly, liberate the people now, in regions where there is nothing, there will be just a song (very nice - editor's note) - both from the point of view of opportunities to do something, and earn money and everything else.

For this reason, I am looking into the future with some optimism".

You can listen to the broadcast with Mikhail Khazin's participation in full here.