Posted 19 марта 2021,, 07:49

Published 19 марта 2021,, 07:49

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Suspects of espionage for the Russian Federation detained in Bulgaria

Suspects of espionage for the Russian Federation detained in Bulgaria

19 марта 2021, 07:49
In Sofia, during a special operation by the State National Security Agency, several people were detained, suspected of spying for Russia.

This is reported by the Bulgarian National Television, citing informed sources.

It is clarified that during the secret operation, people were detained at several addresses, searches were carried out in the southern regions of the Bulgarian capital, as well as in the vicinity of Pernik.

As the Bulgarian journalists clarify, the fact of the arrest has not been confirmed either by the prosecutor's office or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The exact number of those detained is also not mentioned.

The Bulgarian newspaper 24 Hours indicated that there were no Russian citizens among the detainees. At the same time, sources say that the detainees are civil servants who have access to classified information.

It's worth reminding that at the end of last year, Bulgaria expelled a Russian diplomat, suspecting him of espionage. The embassy official was declared persona non grata. In addition, in September 2020, Bulgaria expelled two Russian diplomats, also suspected of espionage. According to the local prosecutor's office, for four years they have been collecting information about "plans to modernize the Bulgarian army and the technical equipment of military equipment".