Posted 22 марта 2021,, 08:04

Published 22 марта 2021,, 08:04

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Masha and the taxi drivers: a story about an explosion at a mine and the kind soul of Kyrgyz and Russians

Masha and the taxi drivers: a story about an explosion at a mine and the kind soul of Kyrgyz and Russians

22 марта 2021, 08:04
We continue to publish stories from taxi drivers, recorded by the correspondent of "Novye Izvestia" Maria Dubinskaya. All these are real stories heard by the journalist from taxi drivers on their way through the capital's traffic jams.
Moscow region

Today the story is from a Kyrgyz taxi driver who worked for many years at a mine in the Kemerovo region, and then moved to Moscow.

“Last year my twins were born, now they have almost learned to walk, but I still have not seen them, only by WhatsApp. My wife and children live in Kyrgyzstan, we have six children, actually, the eldest son is 17 years old, he is already a good helper.

I have my own house, of course, such a large family cannot fit in an apartment. I send them money, I come very rarely, and now, because of this baranovirus, it is completely unclear what, when...

I have been living in Moscow for 15 years, and so I have been in Russia since 1996. I learned Russian here, and when I just moved I didn't know anything, that's almost not a word!

Almost immediately after school, I went to the Kemerovo region, to a mine, to mine coal, here my friend worked, and from him I learned that workers were needed.

There was no sense in continuing to study - there is still no work in Kyrgyzstan, only for the children of officials, deputies of all kinds ... It’s absolutely bad to live there, absolutely, I’m telling the truth.

For example, my wife, she is from Uzbekistan, has lived in Kyrgyzstan for many years without a passport, because we had such laws that it was impossible to draw up a new document for ourselves. And she had no right to anything, she even gave birth to our children, one might say, illegally, in clinics, through an acquaintance, and only for a lot of money.

And in their birth certificate, they indicated me alone, as if I were a single father, and what happened to my mother was unknown. That was such nonsense. And only recently she was able to get a passport when Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan began to improve relations.

In general, it turned out that I decided not to waste time, and right after school I left for a mine, in Russia.

I liked working as a miner. When I received my first salary - 1200 rubles - wow! You have no idea! Such happiness was! The happiest person I have been!

The work, honestly, is easy, nothing difficult for a man: for an hour, two, three you walk through the tunnel to the place, for three hours you work - and the machines do the main work - and back.

Only dangerous. Especially if the "bully" stumbles upon concentrated methane. Balda is like, you know, such a hammer at a roadheader, it hollows out the rock. And now, if there is a lot of methane behind the stone - that's it, it's a nightmare, there will be an explosion, and the wave can die.

I worked in the mine for almost ten years, but we had no casualties. It was a good luck!

Only once did our friend start working on the harvester, and suddenly we understood from the sensors of the air-gas control system: danger! We shout to him with all our might, we shout, but he hears nothing, because the noise is deafening. Well, he doesn't hear!

Maybe he even dozed off, because of fatigue it happens. I had to run... It became very scary... What to do, this is how it happened...

We managed to run away about a hundred meters, as it exploded, the explosion was strong, we fell. They lay unconscious for a long time, I don't know exactly how long they woke up. We get up and think: we must go after a comrade ... We approach the combine, but he is not there!

Let's go back to the exit: and you can imagine, you found it another hundred meters from the place where we ourselves fell! It carried him so far, straight through us! He was alive, alive. Miracle.

But at the Shevyakov and Raspadskaya mines, there have been terrible explosions, and many victims. This is the job, everyone knows that this can happen...

And then there is a very strange thing in mines called "rock bump". To be honest, I still did not fully understand what it was, but we had this "rock blow" at our mine at exactly five in the morning every day. You know, it's like such a hum, vibration, strange sounds...

This lasts literally a few seconds, but at this time it is better not to meddle in the depths of the mine, seriously, otherwise it will simply fill up, as my senior comrades told me.

Maybe this is how the Earth breathes or something else? I do not know for sure, but I heard these sounds with my ears and always at the same time for some reason.

And then I moved to Moscow. I didn’t know anything here then. The fellow countrymen helped. There are many Kyrgyz in Moscow, we stick together. Brother will always help brother!

I got a job in a taxi, I'm happy. Normal work. I make good money, but I send almost everything to my wife.

While driving, you can see a lot, talk with people. People are different, of course, but I try to help everyone. I cannot when someone is bad. If you met a person - it's not just that!

Once, about nine years ago, this is what happened. I was returning from Novorizhskoe highway, it was late autumn. I saw a boy walking along the side of the road with a bale of some kind. There is no one around, only cars occasionally pass by, no one cares about him.

I stopped, of course, asking where are you going? He said to Moscow. I say sit down! And he replies that he has no money at all. So I'll just give you a ride! Well, he sat down and said - it turned out that he was 18 years old, walking from afar, already 7 hours!

He worked somewhere at a construction site for three months, but he was not paid a dime! And so he decided to return home, somewhere in another city. He said that now the main thing for him is to get to the Yaroslavl railway station and buy a ticket there for 600 rubles.

I asked, of course, where will you get the money from? Then he took out his old phone, push-button, and said: here I will sell it! So no one will buy, I tell him. And he was like this: I'll try to sell it anyway! He also said he has a towel, maybe good people will take it.

In general, I realized that I would not leave the guy. I brought him to the station, fed him in a cafe, gave him two hundred rubles and, of course, bought a train ticket. And he also called my mother from my phone, his device did not even turn on.

I think he left and then did not return to Moscow again, they treated him badly here. Hope he's doing well now.

This is how I live - I have to help. Mom and Dad raised me like that. Life is difficult, and if you do not help, then what will happen at all? We are people...

I always, you know, when I watch one channel on YouTube, I cry! I can’t hold back my tears. I watch it every day! Why do I need a TV when there is such a real person who does the real thing! Better than any series! Our blogger from Kyrgyzstan opened this YouTube channel, his name is Meder Saparbayev.

He is 25 years old, about that, he organized the Ak-niet Amanat Foundation two years ago, the name in Russian translates roughly as “Good soul”. And Meder definitely has a kind soul!

The government does not help the Kyrgyz people, it only supports its own oligarchs, and ordinary people in Kyrgyzstan have nothing to hope for. Maybe now something will be getting better with the new president ...

In short, Meder decided to help himself and talks about his good deeds on the Internet. He finds people who need help and does everything for them with the money raised.

I recently raised a lot of money for one blind guy. He built a new dwelling for him. This blind guy now and himself part of the money that the Kirghiz from everywhere began to send him after that, he gives to others who need help. And for a single Russian grandmother, Meder built a whole house.

Kyrgyz people from all over the world are transferring money to him. I also translate as much as I can every month.

All our Kyrgyz who live in Moscow constantly help this foundation - Ak-niet Amanat, our entire diaspora, and not only from Moscow.

Here from Yekaterinburg one Kyrgyz sent two hundred six-meter boards to Meder. The Russians, by the way, also help. Russians are also responsive people.

A Muscovite recently sent 18 rolls of wallpaper to Meder to build a house. And another kind person, also ours, a Kyrgyz from Moscow, donated a large plot of land to the Meder Foundation so that a large residential building could be built on it for those who are in poverty. He bought this plot many years ago, so that someday he could build a house for his family, but it still didn't work out, and then he suddenly found out about Ak-niet Amanat and decided to give it away, just like that.

Meder compiles and shows all the reports in detail. Everything is clear and understandable, everything is clear what the money is spent on.

During these two years, Meder has already built 11 houses! This is how people help other people, but when there is help - everything works out and nothing is frightening. You can live".