Posted 22 марта 2021,, 06:08

Published 22 марта 2021,, 06:08

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Slovak Prime Minister is about to resign amid the scandal with Russian vaccine

Slovak Prime Minister is about to resign amid the scandal with Russian vaccine

22 марта 2021, 06:08
The dismissal of the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Igor Matovic, is being sought by the parties "Freedom and Solidarity" and "For People", which are part of the Cabinet.

The prime minister announced his consent to leave office in order to settle differences over the purchase of a Russian vaccine against covid Sputnik V, unregistered in the European Union.

“In order to resolve the situation that has arisen, I am ready to leave the post of prime minister and work in the government as one of its members, - Matovic said on the air of Slovak Radio.

The prime minister stressed that the partners in the government coalition used the purchase of "Sputnik V" as a pretext for "unleashing a coalition crisis".

Matovic noted that he has conditions that must be fulfilled by the parties "Freedom and Solidarity" and "For People", which demand his resignation.

“I consider it absolutely necessary to remove Richard Sulik (chairman of Freedom and Solidarity, Minister of Economy of Slovakia - editor's note) from the government”, - said the Prime Minister.

In addition, he insists on strengthening the government's position in the government of the party "Ordinary People and Independent Individuals", which in 2020 achieved the greatest success in the parliamentary elections in the republic. The party, Matovic believes, should be strengthened at the expense of "Freedom and Justice" and "For People".

He did not rule out the likelihood of early parliamentary elections in Slovakia if the government crisis is not quickly overcome.

Let us remind you that due to the scandal with "Sputnik V" Minister of Health of the Republic Marek Krajci left his post. With this move, he also tried to resolve the government crisis caused by the purchase of the Russian vaccine.

Matovich agreed on the supply of the Russian vaccine bypassing the coalition partners, which caused their dissatisfaction. The Party "For People" threatened to withdraw from the coalition, and the "Freedom and Justice" demanded a reshuffle in the government.

Slovakia bought "Sputnik V" on March 1. Matovic explained that the country purchased the drug without waiting for its registration at the EU level, as "there is no time for delay".