Posted 23 марта 2021,, 13:14

Published 23 марта 2021,, 13:14

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Expert: Moscow will introduce a biometrics collection system like in a Syrian refugee camp

Expert: Moscow will introduce a biometrics collection system like in a Syrian refugee camp

23 марта 2021, 13:14
By the end of this year, Moscow will have the same tracking and biometric data collection system as in the camps for Syrian refugees. This was told by the writer and expert on artificial intelligence Igor Shnurenko.

In his broadcast on the Day TV YouTube channel, he explained that in the new digital super-society, which is actively being built right before our eyes, Russia is destined to play the role of a digital colony.

"Development of GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 - the third generation of the natural language processing algorithm from OpenAI. As of September 2020, it is the largest and most advanced language model in the world. The model, according to the developers, can be used to solve "any problem in English" - editor's note) will ultimately deprive many journalists, editors, translators, writers, PR specialists, analysts, even programmers and computer specialists from their jobs.

That is, in contrast to what the talking heads of Sberbank and other Russian digital companies tell us, new technologies will by no means hit the employment of miners, cleaners, workers with difficult working conditions. Miners will go into the face and further, but the abovementioned persons will lose their jobs.

This says a lot about the supposed role of Russia in the structure of the world order.

And here the statesmen should not harbor illusions about - rather conditionally - "Russian" - Yandex, Sberbanks and companies like a part of Sberbank - the Cognitive pilot.

And here it is not some treacherous intentions or agents of influence, but the very logic of building a global digital super-society dooms Russia to the position of a digital colony, with the loss of any influence even on its own internal policy, not to mention the external one that will be developed in nodes of the global world order network very far from Moscow.

Simply because every step of those people who will develop Russian domestic and foreign policy from birth will be taken under the control of a digital Leviathan, through a system with artificial intelligence.

And it has a lot to do with the collection of biometrics, the booming market for biometrics and decentralized identities.

All this is needed to guide people along their so-called individual trajectories.

But in fact, this is a push to a line of fate, according to a machine developed for each, or, as I say, a digital Leviathan.

For this, powerful identification and biometrics systems are needed.

And how all this will work is already clear from the experiments on people who are going in the Syrian refugee camps right now.

There is a joint project of MIT - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a leading research institution in the world in the development of artificial intelligence, it has no equal, even in the United States it is No. 1 - with the UN agency called the World Food Program, this project was launched in Syrian refugee camps. Last year.

Within the framework of this project, all kinds of biometric information are constantly collected from refugees, and their identification is carried out by the pupil. And all of this is fed into the blockchain.

A digital twin has been created for each refugee, which is constantly growing with data, an account is attached to it, which allows a person, for example, to pay for purchases; or by it a person can be identified for benefits, for receiving some benefits, for admission somewhere.

Cash has been completely eradicated in the camps, it is not there.

All payments are made by identification - by sight, by pupil. In exchange for permanent biometrics, refugees are given their rations, their blankets, and clothes. Of course, they cannot leave the camp. Well, that is, you can, but you will be kicked out of the program, your rating will be lowered, or you will simply starve to death.

Thus, biometric data allows you to control the very behavior of people.

And we do not know what experiments MIT, together with the UN, are putting on these people, but the UN is already saying that this experience will be transferred to other regions of the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid.

That is, in fact, people give international structures their own identity, their own "I", biometric data about their state at every moment of time - both the pulse, and the sugar content and anything else, like guinea pigs in exchange for food.

Some people think that this is somewhere far away, in Syria, it will not affect us, it certainly will not affect the developed countries, the golden billion, but it is logical to think that this same golden billion is already too much of a burden for those who are building this new world order.

All the more so now very opportunely appeared very effective technologies related to artificial intelligence, which will radically reduce this burden.

...So, by the end of 2021, as I understand it, the same system as in the Syrian refugee camps is going to be introduced in the hero city of Moscow.

Payments in supermarkets, in the subway, in transport and so on will be accepted in the same way, according to the pupil.

By the way, in December 2020, at a conference on artificial intelligence, the first deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank, Alexander Vedyakhin, announced that according to the latest research by Sberbank, cash is contagious, cash is spreading covid.

That is, the Sberbank supercomputer analyzed the big data and found that all those who fell ill with covid, all the victims of covid, used cash.

Conclusion - what? Get rid of cash".

You can watch the entire program by Igor Shnurenko here.