Posted 23 марта 2021,, 12:51

Published 23 марта 2021,, 12:51

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Free alcohol, dismemberment and funeral service: prankers attack the "guilty" Omsk

Free alcohol, dismemberment and funeral service: prankers attack the "guilty" Omsk

23 марта 2021, 12:51
Фото: «Город55»
A resident of Omsk was attacked by prankers. For two weeks now he has not known normal life. The prankers themselves claim that Omsk deserves it by begging in voice conferences. The police are checking, but even if the prankers are found, they can get off with administrative punishment. Read more in the material.

Since March 8, Mikhail Omsk's apartment has been regularly called. They brought food, then the toilet, but he did not order either one or the other. He was also visited by buyers of the refrigerator, which he did not sell. In addition, an announcement was circulated on social networks that at the address where Mikhail lives, alcohol is being distributed free of charge, which expires. According to the victim of the prank, in total there were 40 people a day who called him at the door.

“And this is besides the taxi drivers. They were called, supposedly I have an elderly grandmother lying around, she needs to be moved. Allegedly, she does not hear well, you need to knock louder. They kicked at the door”, - says Mikhail. In addition, the father also came to his apartment for the funeral service of a certain old woman.

And one night the police arrived and took out the door to the apartment of Omsk - law enforcement officers received a message that he had dismembered someone. “The police arrived at three o'clock in the morning, knocked on the window, as they say. The Emergencies Ministry was with them. And immediately they broke down the door and ran in in masks. They immediately realized that this was all a complete nonsense”, - says the victim of the prank.

In addition, the prnakers somehow blocked Mikhail's SIM card and turned off the Internet for him. Omich was forced to put the apartment up for sale, but he fears that now no one will buy it. At the same time, he is not afraid to go out into the street. “No one has canceled having, say, a screwdriver in his pocket. I went to the store for cigarettes and put a screwdriver in my pocket. What else can I do? To defend somehow if something happens. If they attack in a crowd, I will take one with me with a screwdriver”, - Mikhail said.

As the journalists of "Gorod55" found out, last summer a resident of St. Petersburg was subjected to the same attack - with the same name as Omsk, and outwardly very similar to him. The police were called to the St. Petersburg resident to "release the hostage" they ordered a "coffin truck" for his father, and so on.

The pranker Salvador claimed responsibility for such pranks. He agreed to an interview with the correspondent of the "Gorod55" publication - when communicating, the pranker used the program to change his voice. El Salvador said that the victims are not chosen by chance - they are those who "have somehow been guilty" or "just say a lot of unnecessary things." They sit in voice conferences on Discord, an application popular among gamers.

“The man we are now pranking has been going to voice conferences for many years and begging: either his mother died, then the cat gave birth, then a friend needs to raise 1,000 dollars for treatment. Naturally, these are all tricks to collect for yourself a bottle of sweet Pivchanskiy", - said the pranker.

Moreover, El Salvador does not call prank punishment, in his words, it is "a life lesson that you should not waste your life on alcohol and all sorts of useless deeds." Pranker cited the example of a person who, after such a "joke", "got on the right track" - found a job, quit drinking.

“We have requirements for every person. First of all, get a job, put yourself in order, record a video apology on camera - sincere - in front of everyone before whom he really was guilty”, - explained Salvador.

Similar requirements are imposed on Mikhail from Omsk - to wash his hair, return the money that "he collected fraudulently" and apologize. Mikhail himself claims that he works at a construction site and does not lead an asocial lifestyle. Moreover, he admits that he can sometimes drink, since he does not have a family, and is not responsible for anyone. At the same time, Omsk is not going to fulfill the requirements of the prankers.

The prankers (the Callerz Gang) have been doing this for a little over a year. During this time, about 10 people became their victims. Prankers believe that they are not doing anything illegal - people tell them their data themselves. “We just tell the person that he needs some kind of delivery - a pizza or a free box of alcohol - and the person gives his address himself”, - says El Salvador.

According to the pranker, he himself is not in Russia, so he is not afraid of legal responsibility. “We live in countries from which extradition to Russia is impossible in principle, so we are not particularly scared”, - he explained.

Mikhail claims that we are talking about Ukrainian "trolls" who used to be in the team of the famous pranker Yevgeny Volnov. However, some, presumably, are now in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad.

We add that now, according to the statement of Omsk, the police are checking. But even if the prankers can be found, then, most likely, they will only face administrative responsibility for petty hooliganism.