Posted 25 марта 2021, 12:11

Published 25 марта 2021, 12:11

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Question of the day: what bonuses will the managers of unprofitable Gazprom receive for 2020?

25 марта 2021, 12:11
The net loss of the main company of the country in 2020 amounted to more than 700 billion rubles.

Network analyst Andrey Nalgin drew attention to the message of news agencies that for the first time since the default of 1998, Gazprom ended 2020 with a net loss of 706.925 billion rubles, while a year ago it was still in profit - 734 billion rubles.

The company's revenue amounted to 2.636 trillion rubles, having fallen by 20.4%, gross profit to 1.573 trillion rubles, (minus 25%), and profit from sales fell 57 times (from 629.11 billion to 11 billion rubles)! And this is in rubles, the exchange rate of which against the dollar, as you know, has decreased by 18%.

It is also interesting that part of the loss occurred just because of the devaluation of the ruble - has sharply increased foreign currency debt, "Gazprom", which denies all hopes of recovery in the budget by a devaluation of the ruble ... At the end of last year, "Gazprom" has been overclocked to the far abroad minimum the volume of gas over the past 5 years - 179.3 billion cubic meters , that is, exports decreased by 10%, and due to a strong drop in gas prices last spring in Europe, which fell below the company's profitability point (it is $ 100 per 1,000 cubic meters) , in monetary terms, exports fell by as much as 40%!

The analyst considers these results to be a real nightmare for the Russian oil and gas dependent authorities. And although in the IV quarter of 2020, gas and oil prices began to recover, the budget missed 2.68 trillion rubles. oil and gas revenues, it is more than a third compared to the pre-crisis 2019. The gas monopoly simply failed to manage costs amid falling export earnings.

I wonder what annual bonuses the leaders of the “ national treasure” will write out for themselves this year? - the author asks.