Posted 31 марта 2021,, 16:31

Published 31 марта 2021,, 16:31

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"Were afraid of the paper cup?" Networks mock participants in the storming in Mytishchi

"Were afraid of the paper cup?" Networks mock participants in the storming in Mytishchi

31 марта 2021, 16:31
Despite the fact that the security forces of the Russian Guard completed their task and neutralized the Mytishchensky shooter, social networks gloat about, in their opinion, an unjustifiably long tactical entry.
Moscow region

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, for almost eight hours, a resident of the Moscow region, Vladimir Bardanov, continued armed resistance to the law enforcement agencies storming his house in the village of Veshki, Mytischensky district. By evening, the house caught fire and the shooting died down, and the shooter himself was found dead.

Social networks did not hesitate to gloat over the security officials:

Journalist Kirill Shulika, for example, wrote:

“The event of the day is the storming of a house with some shooter with a criminal record, a private zoo with predators and a weapons workshop in the house. So here is the shooter born in 1960. Not a pensioner yet, but close by. And for many hours he fought off the special forces of the "Rosgvardia" alone. The one who fights women and teenagers at rallies, twists unarmed people and distributes them to paddy wagons. That's what it is for. Not to fight dangerous armed criminals..."

Others have spoken in the same spirit:

- Experience shows that the "siloviks" (security officials) are only good at kicking women in the stomach, and at peaceful rallies they can "disable" children.

- As it suddenly turned out, the Russian Guard does not know how to fight with real criminals and does not want to, there are no fools to risk. It is not, after all, to beat peaceful demonstrators with truncheons and boots, "experiencing pain" in the truncheon.

For several hours (!), The Rosgvardia units cannot cope with the shooter, who has sat down in the house of one of the cottage settlements near Moscow and is firing at the “siloviks” (security officials).

And the publicist Leonid Lyalin, according to tradition, responded with verses:

Resisted the National Guards

Armed bully

They were afraid: suddenly the paper will throw


This reaction, although ingenious, does not seem entirely adequate. And what would the critics themselves have done in the place of the siloviki? Let's go to the assault with our bare hands? With checkers bald? On the contrary, their behavior seems to be quite reasonable and professional: except for the heavily armed Bardanov, no one was seriously injured, although one Russian Guard was wounded. Where did this reaction come from? Here is what network analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan thinks about this:

“Quite an amazing and revealing reaction to the Mytishchi shooter. Despite the fact that the deceased was clearly a representative of an almost disappeared relict group of the population of the former authoritative businessmen of the nineties, who was engaged in openly criminal business to this day, most of the comments of people are of a sympathetic nature. And the nine-hour siege by the special forces is commented rather as a low professional level, and quite gloatingly.

Apparently, purely psychologically, the "siloviki" (security officials) are perceived among the bulk of the population as "they", and most certainly not "we". Alienation is evident..."

But the channel "Russian Futurist" dug even deeper and drew attention to the personality of Bardanov, collecting all available information about him:

“The heyday of the Veshkinsky shooter came in the 90s, when he knocked down the initial capital in some“ business ways”. One can only guess about the nature of his business: some write that Bardanov owned private security companies, others that he owned car services, and still others that he was repeatedly convicted, including for robbery and death threats.

If at least some of this is true, then we have a typical brother from the nineties, aged and matured ... We are dealing with a rich man who has built a huge tasteless domina, and has collected in it a collection of motorcycles, an arsenal and even a personal zoo with tigers and cougars ... The same one in 2017 shot 58 and wounded more than half a thousand people in Las Vegas. (...) One can imagine how this young man was slowly getting drunk in his beautiful mansion, grieving for the good old days. As from time to time, throwing highballs into the mirrors, I watched tame tigers rushing about on expensive leather furniture.

So this is clearly not about a simple owner of a hunting double-barreled shotgun, who suddenly moved out of the blind. And hasty conclusions about licenses for legal weapons should by no means be drawn. No, before us is a character sometimes encountered in the USA and Russia - the master of life who suddenly met death. He peered into the abyss for so long that in its place was a barrel oozing with gunpowder smoke and a fiery flower of lemon scattering into fragments.

A couple of questions remain: how many more of these wolves live in the gold cages of personal zoos created by their own hands? How many more horsemen of the "wild hunt" live behind the towering walls of domestic fortresses - deliberately built as if they were medieval castles in the middle of the wasteland?

Finally, where did they come from - these micro-princedoms of arrogant and cruel tyrants? If you listen attentively to the claps of tearing cartridges, you can hear a barely audible answer:

"Echo of the nineties..."

Meanwhile, the village of Veshki, in which this drama took place, is inhabited by security forces. According to the channel "Drugoy Roldugin" , this place was chosen by the ex-head of the Moscow Main Internal Affairs Directorate Anatoly Yakunin (now the deputy director of the FSIN), the head of the Main Directorate of his own. Security Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Makarov, ex-head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for CJSC Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Moscow Andrey Puchkov...

What is there! At the dawn of the village, the unforgettable Viktor Zolotov tried himself as a summer resident (though a couple of years later, in 2001, he lost his hacienda to the then still living Roman Tsepov)...