Posted 1 апреля 2021,, 16:11

Published 1 апреля 2021,, 16:11

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Age limit has been changed, but the thriller show at VDNKh continues

Age limit has been changed, but the thriller show at VDNKh continues

1 апреля 2021, 16:11
Three weeks have passed unnoticed since the opening of the scandalous "exhibition" Body Worlds at VDNKh. Dozens of articles (with opposing opinions) were written on this topic in the media, reports appeared on TV, the Russians sent complaints to the prosecutor's office and created petitions.
Moscow region

On behalf of Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation , a procedural check of the "exposition" is being carried out.

Maria Dubinskaya

Opponents of the project, which uses dismembered human bodies, continue to insist on their own: there is no place for such an "exhibition" either at VDNKh, or in the capital, or in Russia in general.

In response, the defenders of the "creativity" of the German pathologist Gunther von Hagens call their opponents people, so to speak, narrow-minded, or rather, dense obscurantists. As the author of a series of articles on this topic, I also fell under the distribution.

What to do: in very different ways, we understand what the "striving for enlightenment, science and progress" is. (Smiley).

There is such a phrase, which has long set the teeth on edge, about "beauty in the eyes of the beholder." What is the "beauty" of von Hagens?

For example, a very "touching" kneeling real skeleton with the remains of real tissues carefully preserved using a "special method", stretching out, as if in supplication, hands to the audience, and on the palms - or rather, on what was left of them - at the same time holding a real "dried" heart. From the point of view of the German dismemberment, this is obviously something very beautiful and, of course, deeply scientific. Probably, in his opinion, this anatomical theater in general is about love and romance, a whole aesthetics and philosophy...

For me and those who have a negative attitude to such "exercises", this is still an absolute "butcher's shop", which is an illustration of disastrous processes: the triumph of pathology, destruction, transcendental mockery and "aestheticization of death" leading to a terrible thing - the necrosis of the soul. But we speak different languages with our opponents.

Meanwhile, the public outcry nevertheless forced the organizers of the exhibition to change the age limit for visiting it: from now on it has been changed from "12 +" to "18 +".

And on the website of the Moscow version of the project, there was also a notification that from now on it has an age limit - it is defined as "12 +" (but how will this be tracked?).

Here is what the organizers are now reporting: “Due to the great public outcry caused by children visiting the anatomical scientific and educational exposition“ BODY WORLDS / BODY WORLD ”, the organizers of the exhibition decided to change the recommended age for visiting the exhibition - to“ 18+ ”. Taking into account the above, we inform you that persons under the age of 18, from April 9, 2021, will be admitted to the exhibition only accompanied by their legal representatives (and only if the children reach the age of 12). "

That is, if you look closely, it turns out that there is a certain slyness in this "concession", since children from 12 years old will still be able to visit this exposition.

I wonder if there will be proper control over the observance of these measures?

Elina Zhgutova , head of the Ivan-Chai Family Policy Information Portal , spoke in detail about how everything happened just a week ago, when the exhibition was freely visited by small children.

"Despite the fact that the marking of the exhibition is 12+, children of any age are allowed to the exhibition. The administrators and organizers of the exhibition did not come to our persistent requests. Then we called the police, the police arrived, walked through the exhibition, recorded the fact of the passage of small children, that is, a violation Law 436 FZ, namely Article 6.17 of the Administrative Offenses Code. We wrote a statement and explanations already to the police. We asked to consider everything from the point of view of violation of Articles 6.17 and 244 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation by the organizers of the exhibition. Organizations also sent a letter to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A. Bastrykin, To Prosecutor Krasnov, Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child A. Kuznetsova and others, "public figure Elina Zhgutova wrote in a commentary to her video posted on March 24.

The organizers of Body World at VDNKh also notify that “an expert accredited by Roskomnadzor conducted an examination of the information products of the exhibition, based on the results of which, it was concluded that the information materials from the BODY WORLDS / BODY WORLD exhibition presented for research contain scientific information. " And this document has been posted.

But let’s be frank: an expert is not an expert. On any conclusion - there is the opposite. And not just one.

In this regard, let us remind you that in the article “The Dead are Coming! Who will stop the big top of corpses at VDNKh? " "New Izvestia "published Express-analysis of the project" The World of the Body ", carried out by the Interregional public organization" National Council of Social Information "(St. Petersburg), signed by the Chairman of the Board, Ph.D. Rudakova E.M.

So, it says in black and white that, as part of a scheduled web internship for information products experts, from February 7 to March 7, 2021, a discussion of the "Body World" project was held with the involvement of FIVE federal experts of the same Roskomnadzor .

And their conclusion is bingo! - fundamentally different from the expert opinion, which the organizers of the exhibition provide on their website. Specifically, it says the following:

“Through social approval, the exhibition forms a necrophilic personality with suicidal addiction as a stable behavioral setting in the social environment. The authors' claim to the scientific knowledge of the exhibition is groundless, since this project is a humanistic necrophilia, characterized by a pathological craving to replace communication with people with other values (according to E. Fromm, “Anatomy of human destructiveness”).

Within the framework of the Decade of Childhood from 2017 to 2027 The Government of the Russian Federation pays special attention to the upbringing and healthy development of the young generation of Russians. This priority is one of the primary tasks of overcoming the current demographic crisis.

In connection with the above, we propose to bring up the precedent for the introduction in the urban environment of the Russian Federation of cultural projects with foreign authorship that have a destructive orientation for a broad discussion of the parental community. We believe that these projects in modern conditions, provoking indifference to life in children, are possible only if there is a preliminary examination and safety for the health and development of children. "

Lawyer Elena Chekan , assistant to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, permanent expert and speaker of the second working group on education, upbringing and all-round development of children of the Public Council under the Presidential Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child, which follows this topic and commented on the exhibition in Moscow in the material “Novyye Izvestia” An invitation to hell: an“ artistic ”dismemberment is brought to Moscow again,” sent us a document (see photo) confirming that her appeal to the Procurator is still pending. Well, let's continue to wait for the results.

In addition, Novye Izvestia received a letter from the Parents' Society. Contacts of the authors of the message are in the editorial office. As a public discussion about the exhibition "The World of the Body", we publish the text:

“Holding a commercial exhibition of the German pathologist Gunther von Hagens at VDNKh from March 12, 2021 in Moscow crushes the ethical, moral, moral, spiritual side of man, lowering society and the state to the level of medieval laws!

The official website of the Body World exhibition contains the following information. “All the exhibits (250) are real bodies donated by their owners for this educational project ... In total, since 1980, more 19,000 people donated their bodies for plastination . Each of them strove to ensure that you and I learn more about ourselves, about our own body and realize how a healthy lifestyle is important for the normal functioning of the body . "

Below we give facts that confirm, in our opinion, that the majority of people did not voluntarily donate (not bequeathed) their bodies for scientific research to Hagens.

Indeed, he began testing different plastination techniques at his factory in Dalian mainland China back in the 20th century.

The main source of bodies and organs in China were executed prisoners, whose bodies were not claimed by their relatives. Some of the people among the prisoners were persecuted by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for their worldview, which is different from the ideology of the Communist Party, or belief in God!

Why in 1999 did the German pathologist Hagens open his factory for the production of plastinated human bodies in China? Why did he reject European countries?

During World War II, Nazi Germany provided an unlimited number of prisoners of war, women and children to scientists and doctors for their terrible research and experiments, justifying their actions with three " noble " goals. The first is to promote racial theory and identify those nations that "litter" the human race. The second is the development of drugs against a number of diseases, viruses and poisons. The third is to reveal the additional capabilities of the human body and create a superman for the needs of the Third Reich. The Third Reich has sunk into the past with its "values" ...

Hagens needed a country where the ruling power (or party) would approve of his idea, and most importantly, would be able to provide unlimited access to material - to the bodies of people. Such a country, to our regret, has become China, where the Communist Party rules, which historically, without regard to justice, has killed millions of innocent people.

The CCP has persecuted two large groups of people for many years. These are Uighurs and Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong is a cultivation method where people practice meditation, body health, and moral uplift. In 1998, 70-100 million people practiced Falun Gong meditation in China. As a result of the persecution, hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have become victims. In Europe, Hagens could not have had as many bodies as the party officials provided for him in China.

The organizers claim that the exhibition is of a general educational nature and benefits for visitors. But we believe that this is contrary to traditional religious and universal principles. According to them, the body is considered to be a sacred temple of the soul, which after death must be either buried or reposed in other ways.

Below are some facts that reveal the source of the bodies. They will help you assess the feasibility of holding such a commercial exhibition in Moscow.

1) German anatomist Gunther von Hagens opened a factory for the production of plastinated dead human bodies intended for anatomical museums and exhibitions in August 1999 in Dalian, Liaoning Province, PRC.

2) The mayor of Dalian at the time was Bo Xilai, one of the most influential party officials who fiercely joined the campaign to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The mayor established 10 corpse processing factories in the territory under his control, making the city of Dalian a global supplier of plastinated bodies. Bo Xilai personally presented the medal to Hagens and awarded him the title of "Honorary Citizen of Dalian." In 2013, Bo Xilai was sentenced to life in prison by a court. “For corruption and abuse of office”.

3) In an interview with New York Times reporters, Hagens said that he chose the city of Dalian "due to government support, low wages of workers, and also due to a large source of human bodies." The bodies were mostly used for experiments and medical purposes, not for exhibitions, he said.

4) The Report of Canadian public figures D. Kilgour and D. Matas mentions the existence of dozens of medical clinics in China that offered clients the selection of the necessary organs (heart, liver, lungs, cornea of the eyes) and performing their transplant operations within one to four weeks. The organs were supplied from detention centers located in the immediate vicinity of medical facilities. It should be noted that in other countries the donor's waiting time for the desired organ is calculated in years, not several weeks. Read more in the brochure: "Medicine as a tool of genocide"

5) According to the estimates of the famous writer and journalist Ethan Gutman in the article “Bodies at the Exhibition. New Questions About the Origins of Plastinated Human Specimens Now Touring the World " , published on July 29, 2013 in The Weekly Standard," ... in 2000 and 2001, between 500,000 and 1 million (Falun Gong) practitioners were imprisoned, and after the start of organ harvesting operations at the von Hagens factories, there was an abundant supply of corpses of adults from 25 to 40 years old without external wounds. Link to NTDTV report

Thus, we believe that the exhibition of bodies, which has a dark origin, offends traditional beliefs and demeans human dignity.

Dear employees of the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation!

We ask you to carefully study the documents explaining the source of the bodies, check the legality of their exposure in the territory visited by children (Federal Law of December 29, 2010 N 436-FZ (as amended on July 31, 2020) “On the protection of children from information that is harmful to their health and development ")

Dear employees of government agencies!

We ask you to carefully study the documents of the organizers of the exhibition explaining the source of the bodies, as well as assess the impact of this exhibition on the environment and the image of the capital and, as a result, on the reputation of our country. "

Please sign our petition: