Posted 1 апреля 2021,, 09:25

Published 1 апреля 2021,, 09:25

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Husband, father, fashionista: robotics engineer Mark Brian has become the new "style icon"

Husband, father, fashionista: robotics engineer Mark Brian has become the new "style icon"

1 апреля 2021, 09:25
"Cut in the latest fashion, Like a dandy London dressed..." Dear Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, and in a nightmare would not have dreamed what the fashionistas of the XXI century would look like.

The world has finally gone crazy and each of us receives a lot of evidence of this every day, just look at the Instagram feed or somewhere else. For example, see which character got into the March issue of Vogue magazine (Czechoslovakia) and now bathes in virtual applause - that is, collects likes and views.

This brutal macho in stilettos is called Mark Brian, he is a robotics specialist and football coach, lives in Germany.

Mark, of course, does not consider himself to be any freak and dangerous role model for children. Here is what the fashion rebel himself says on his Instagram: “I am just a normal, happily married concrete heterosexual man who loves Porsche cars and beautiful women. I also like to add skirts and heels to my everyday wardrobe". And confidently notes: "Clothes and shoes should not have gender". Interesting why, really?

Mark's extraordinary "talents", whose taste and ability to combine things do not cease to be admired by his subscribers (there are already more than 400,000 of them), of course, did not go unnoticed, because the shaved-headed engineer in a flirty mini-skirt is literally a walking illustration of the current world trend of blurring gender stereotypes and other things unisex.

In short, the stylish uncle in heels began to be invited to various photo shoots, and in March he even got on the pages of the Czech version of the famous Vogue magazine. In addition, Interview magazine published an interview with him. Here it is, glory! By the way, Tatler Russia magazine is also subscribed to Mark.

In addition to coaching young and talented footballers, Mark can also teach a valuable lesson in walking in high heels, a skill he has mastered to perfection. Thanks to his unique style, he has hundreds of thousands of followers, including singer Rihanna, who follow his every move and are eagerly awaiting what combination of shoes and skirt he will present next time. Looking at his male calves, we will forgive him even the wildest fashion decisions!”, - Vogue (Czechoslovakia) writes with delight.

It would, of course, be very curious to know what his wife and children think about Mark's addictions. However, they hardly have anything against the characteristics of their daddy.

“The higher the heels, the closer to God”, - the handsome man said confidently in an interview with Vogue (Czechoslovakia).

Um... What else is there to add, except that the world is really crazy? Well, and, perhaps, it's time to open a new rubric "Heroes of Our Time"... True, on our streets, fortunately, there are no such fashionistas yet. Or are we just not in the know yet?