Posted 2 апреля 2021,, 08:00

Published 2 апреля 2021,, 08:00

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"Thank God, we didn't stay on the street": poet Ilya Reznik was forced to move out from the country house

2 апреля 2021, 08:00
Due to financial problems, the songwriter was forced to move out of the mansion, which he had rented for the past ten years, and return to his Moscow apartment.
Moscow region

Ilya Reznik, who will turn 83 one of these days, has just moved to Moscow. For ten years, the poet rented a three-story mansion in the village of Tagankovo, Odintsovo district, but the lack of funds eventually forced him to refuse the lease.

“Thank God, they didn't stay on the street, - Ilya Reznik said in an interview with “Sobesednik”, - We have a small three-room apartment in Moscow, and we moved there. It was difficult to travel: there was a lot of archive, memorabilia that needed to be transported. Thank God we have overcome this. Our animals were sent to Ira's parents at the dacha. We now have two dogs and four cats. We will live there and in Moscow. And, of course, in Yalta".

According to Reznik, the pandemic was not the cause of the financial problems. Renting a large house costs a lot of money, and the poet receives income from the author's songs, which come every three months. In anticipation of the fee, Reznik had to postpone payments for housing more than once. “I have no concert activity,” Ilya Reznik admits. - True, sometimes people call and ask to write a song to order. But my tongue does not dare to name the amount. Or, it happens, sometimes they ask: "How much is your song worth?" What should I answer? My songs are priceless, because everyone lives for decades.