Posted 5 апреля 2021,, 15:41

Published 5 апреля 2021,, 15:41

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Chulpan Khamatova told about how she took her daughter from the orphanage

5 апреля 2021, 15:41
The actress first spoke about the details of the adoption of her second child, Asya, who was taken from the Baby House in 2003.

“This whole topic of adoption, no one has ever talked about it so calmly and openly”, the actress admitted on the YouTube channel “Caution, Sobchak!” (Ostorozhno, Sobchak!). - When I picked up my daughter from the Morozov hospital, the headmistress shouted after me: "Of course, you just need to get PR!" In general, how this system works is simply beyond the bounds. Now, in 17 years, everything has changed, but then it was like this".

According to the actress, for a long time she could not take the girl home, despite the fact that all the necessary documents were collected, and legally Asya was already her daughter. “Suddenly she began to develop a huge number of diseases of some kind. Heart defect, there is something else. I asked if it was possible to invite a third-party doctor, they answered me that it was impossible. And once I just visited her, I had nothing with me, and the cleaning lady washes the floors and says in my ear: “Tell me that you will come with the police, she’s just waiting for a bribe”. And in some kind of fog I enter the office and say that I will come with the police now, I have documents. And at the same moment I get a child. There are curses that she will die with me. When I took Asya to Vienna, and the doctors said: “What a defect of the heart, she is an absolutely healthy child”, I did not believe. I went to Berlin, and already in Germany she was examined, this is an absolutely healthy child. Illnesses were specially invented for her so that she would be taken abroad".

About where she came from, the actress told Asya, inventing fairy tales. Thanks to this, the girl always knew that she was an adopted daughter, and did not experience any complexes about this. Now Ace is 18 years old The eldest daughter Chulpan, 19-year-old Arina, was born in a marriage with actor Ivan Volkov. The youngest, 11-year-old Iya, is the daughter of director Alexander Shein. Chulpan calls himself a “boring, average and standard mother,” and admits that he is very worried about his daughters. “All the time I tug at myself and say: “Stop, stop, stop. Come on, you will suffer now, bite your elbows, but let go. "This turned out to be the most difficult thing - to take it and let it go".