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Published 6 апреля 2021,, 06:36

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Big fake of propaganda: no "Dulles Plan" existed in reality

Big fake of propaganda: no "Dulles Plan" existed in reality

6 апреля 2021, 06:36
The famous plan for the destruction of Russia, which propagandists and officials like to refer to, is an invention from start to finish.

Sergey Baimukhametov

The publicized and widely quoted statement of the adviser to the Russian Defense Minister that Western countries have unleashed a "mental war" against Russia is a replica, a repetition of the notorious "Dulles Plan". In one way or another, he lived in a propaganda fashion, although his story is anecdotal and absurd. In reality, he never existed.

So, Advisor to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Andrey Ilnitsky:

“The goal of the new war is to change the mental, civilizational basis of the enemy's society. I would call this type of war mental ... The consequences of this “mental” war do not appear immediately, but only after at least a generation, when it will be simply impossible to do anything ”.

Let's speak simply and directly: we are talking about the upbringing (“decomposition”) of the younger generations.

Now we will quote from the so-called "Dulles Plan", which for 23 years was directly and actively used by Russian propaganda. Let us explain for the young: Allen Dulles was the director of the American CIA from 1953 to 1961, who became a symbol of American activity against the USSR and Russia (until now!) For the first time, these lines attributed to Dulles appeared on February 20, 1993 in the newspaper Sovetskaya Rossiya, in article "Battle for Russia" by Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga John (Snychev):

“After sowing chaos in Russia,” said in 1945 the American General Allen Dulles, the head of the US political intelligence in Europe, who later became the director of the CIA, we will imperceptibly replace their values with false ones and make them believe in these false values. How? We will find our like-minded people, our assistants and allies in Russia itself ... Literature, theaters, cinema - everything will depict and glorify the basest human feelings ... to plant and hammer into human consciousness the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal ... In government we create chaos, confusion. We will imperceptibly, but actively and constantly contribute to the tyranny of officials, bribe-takers, unprincipled ... Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug addiction, animal fear of each other and shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and hostility of peoples, above all hostility and hatred of the Russian to the people: we will cultivate all this deftly and imperceptibly. "

This is just a part of the text titled "The Dulles Plan", "The American Doctrine of Struggle Against the USSR", Dulles' Plan for the Destruction of the USSR (Russia) ", which spread throughout our world, multiplying a thousandfold with the advent of the Internet.

Dated to 1945. 75 years have passed, and the smoking room is still alive ?!

In fact, Allen Dulles never said anything like that. Moreover, in 1945, when he "worked" as a resident of American intelligence in Switzerland. This text appeared in the novel "Eternal Call" by the Soviet writer Anatoly Ivanov. And that is far from immediately. From 1970 to 1981, he was not in the novel. Why did it arise? One can only guess. From the second half of the 70s, a time of relative emancipation began. It happened by itself, with the inexorable passage of time, and in connection with political shifts. In 1975, the USSR signed the Helsinki Agreements, under which it assumed obligations to respect human rights, including freedom of movement and freedom of information. In the USSR, the Moscow Helsinki Group was created to promote and implement the humanitarian points of the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Thus, the dissidents decided that they seemed to have received some kind of political and legal foundation.

All this, of course, strongly disliked the retrograde circles in society and the state apparatus. Anatoly Ivanov himself could have come to a similar idea, or he was prompted - one way or another, he supplemented the novel with these words. Having invested them, of course, in the mouth of a character on whom there is nowhere to be branded - the former Russian gendarme officer, SS Standartenfuehrer Lakhnovsky. He explained to his interlocutor that Hitlerite Germany and capitalist America would make peace anyway and begin a joint struggle against the USSR: "The war will end, everything will be settled somehow, and we will abandon everything we have to fooling and fooling people ..." And further on a quote from an article by Metropolitan John.

Then this text filled the information space.

Everyone could make a mistake, trust an unscrupulous source. It is a different matter when the non-existent "Dulles plan" was operated on deliberately. Thus, the rector of the Moscow University for the Humanities (formerly the Higher Komsomol School), citing the notorious quote at the scientific and practical conference, added:

"They say that Allen Dulles did not say all this, that this is a fake, invented by the Soviet writer Anatoly Ivanov, or by the KGB or foreign intelligence ... But, in my opinion, it does not matter."

The literary critic-Pushkin scholar (!), Respected by the Soviet and Russian intelligentsia, declared: "This is a mythical plan or not, it does not matter ..."

That is, all means are good for propaganda? The "Dulles Plan" as a scarecrow, a foreign threat with might and main, was used by some well-known politicians and public figures, "experts" in the media.

But recently the situation has become even more absurd.

The Governor of the Kurgan Region Vadim Shumkov recently published the Dulles Plan on his VKontakte page. But the next day he took it off. Why? Because I learned from the malicious comments: this text (it turns out!) Has been included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials since 2016.

How it is? It seems to be strange. On the one hand, it is problematic to prohibit the citation of a work of art from Soviet times, on the other hand, it is one thing to declare it a fake, and quite another to declare it extremist. Finally, on the third hand, if we think in widespread retrograde categories, this is the most useful propaganda material, it helps to further educate the people in the spirit of "there are only enemies around", shows what insidious plans are cherished in the West ... Why was he declared extremist? ? By misunderstanding?

However, we are no stranger to the oddities of ideological constructions and decisions. For example, in our anti-Western circles, the statement of Emperor Alexander III is widely used, cited: "Russia has no friends, they are afraid of our vastness ... Russia has only two allies: its army and navy."

But it also has a downside. Let's digress from global politics, we will transfer this phrase to the sphere of relations between people. For example, what do we think of a person who is said to have no friends? Surely - let's think about it.