Posted 8 апреля 2021, 13:43

Published 8 апреля 2021, 13:43

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The higher the goal in whose name one lies, the more heinous the lie

8 апреля 2021, 13:43
Яков Кротов
The most dangerous lie is a lie in the name of the salvation of mankind and in the name of preaching the truth.

Life has no meaning and cannot be. The meaning should always be outside the existing one. The point of a knife is not in the knife, but in cutting the bread. Life as we know it is absolutely meaningless - like a knife lying on the seabed. Or like a fly covered with a glass. Buzz buzzing, nothing more. Vanity.

Everything in the world is meaningless, but some nonsense is more meaningless than others. A knife at the bottom of the sea is less pointless than a man at the surface of the earth. The one who is given more is also more meaningless. The meaning of human life is in communication. With peace (knowledge), with another person (love), with God (prayer). Three different types of communication, but every communication has one condition ...

Truth! Or the truth. Communication in lies and lies is worse than lack of communication. It is better not to drink than to drink hydrochloric acid. You will live longer. Therefore, of the ten commandments, for example, all ten are about nonsense, only in different forms. An idol is a lie about faith, a mistress is a lie about love, work without Saturday is a lie about hope, etc. etc.

"The world lies in evil"? Just think! Some people like "mad-wrestling", the wrestling of half-naked women in the mud. They lie in the mud, but the women!

The world is different and wonderful with calm weather and without it, the struggle with trials and temptations gives life a pleasant spice, nothing more.

If you don’t lie!

More precisely, if you do not lie for a good purpose. If you lie just like that, it's quite like a lubricant for the engine, often - laughter and humor, in general, does not matter. Now, if you lie in the name of the salvation of mankind, in the name of preaching the truth, this is kirdyk. The higher the goal in whose name one lies, the more heinous the lie. To rig up the results of an experiment in the name of science and to cover up a pedophile priest in the name of God is the height of meanness. However, I'm lying: the worst thing is to lie in the name of saving a life.

Until, of course, the world history of that, sir ... The more historians establish the truth about how everything really happened, the more it is clear that it was actually a lie. With and without slanted eyes.

And what can we expect from people after that?

Yes, the same as from yourself: it's time to start living normally.

It is easy to live not according to a lie, and often it is quite mean, because they live not according to someone else's lie, but according to their own craftiness.

It's hard to live without lies. So that's what a man in the world is for, so that space does not doze. The kingdom of lies is a sleepy kingdom, and we are from the carotid artery to the very heart of the universe, and we will feast and drink the truth with truth.

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