Posted 9 апреля 2021,, 10:07

Published 9 апреля 2021,, 10:07

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The Ministry of Defense declassified archives about the atrocities of the fascists

The Ministry of Defense declassified archives about the atrocities of the fascists

9 апреля 2021, 10:07
Фото: Минобороны РФ
On the eve of the International Day for the Liberation of Fascist Concentration Camps Prisoners, which is celebrated on April 11, a new section "Cannot Be Forgotten" has appeared on the website of the Ministry of Defense.

It contains documents on the atrocities of the Nazis in concentration camps and in the occupied territories.

In the section on the website of the military department, which has an age limit of 18+, declassified archival documents are posted. Their promulgation has become part of the federal project "No statute of limitations", which is being implemented on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation.

As reported in the Ministry of Defense, on April 11, 1945 there was an international uprising of prisoners of the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald.

"In commemoration of the International Day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps Russian Defense Ministry publishes historical materials from the collections of the Central Archives of the military department, showing unspeakable atrocities, tortures and mass extermination of occupied peoples fascist invaders during the Great Patriotic War", - is said in a statement.

As follows from the declassified archives of the Ministry of Defense, the Nazis methodically recorded the facts of burning villages and villages, acts of looting in houses and shops, as well as the atrocities they committed against prisoners of war, prisoners of concentration camps and civilians who found themselves in the occupied territories.

The website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation contains evidence of mass shootings of civilians, including women, children and babies, numerous photographs of executions of partisans, footage of mass graves of executed Soviet soldiers.

Among the documents - an act of August 15, 1944, drawn up by local residents, about the atrocities of the Nazis in the regional center of Domachevo, Brest region, - about the extermination of the children of a preschool orphanage, in which 150 children lived.

Under the guise of sending them to Brest, the punishers loaded the children into a car, took them out of town and shot them. Upon learning of this, many local residents came to the children's grave and sobbed, not daring to touch the things that remained on the surface.

“The children taken out on September 23, 1942 from the orphanage in the regional center of Domachevo, were taken out in a car, thrown into a pit and brutally shot from machine guns”, - the document says.

Residents of nearby houses recalled that at first the children placed in the truck sang and then cried. In the distance, machine gun fire and the shouts of children were heard. The bloody massacre lasted for about 20 minutes, then everything calmed down.

“We did not see the execution itself, since our field is separated by large bushes. Since then, I went to collect bones almost every day and cried”, - a local resident named Panasyuk wrote in her testimony.

In addition to photographs of Soviet citizens shot, tortured, hanged and burnt alive by the Nazis, the declassified archives contain reports on the exhumation of mass graves. It was carried out after the liberation of the occupied territories. The accounts of these events are accompanied by heartbreaking footage of family members of the victims sobbing over the exhumed remains of their loved ones.

"The publication of archival documents from the Second World War period from the funds of the Central Archives of the Russian Defense Ministry is a continuation of the activities of the military department aimed at protecting and protecting historical truth, countering falsifications of history, attempts to revise the results of World War II", - the Defense Ministry said.