Posted 13 апреля 2021,, 13:29

Published 13 апреля 2021,, 13:29

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"It's just a shame!" Russian scientists cannot get into the State Archives

"It's just a shame!" Russian scientists cannot get into the State Archives

13 апреля 2021, 13:29
For more than a month, a well-known historian has been trying to register in the State Archives of the Russian Federation, which contains the documents necessary for her work.

It has long been known that in Russia history is turning from a science into a means of state propaganda. The state is doing everything to privatize historical knowledge, giving it out in portions and mainly to people who deserve it with their loyalty.

Here is another example: the fantastic situation that is developing around the State Archives of the Russian Federation (GA RF). Recall that this is the largest federal archive in the country, which contains about 7 million files on the history of Russia in the XIX-XXI centuries. It is completed with documents of the highest legislative, executive and judicial authorities of our country.

For a month now, a Russian historian and literary critic, a leading expert in Russian history, literature and journalism of the late 18th - early 20th centuries, the revolutionary movement in Russia, military history, the Decembrist movement, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Russian State Humanitarian University Oksana Kiyanskaya cannot get into this institution!

The historian writes about this in his blog:

I could not enroll in the State Civil Aviation of the Russian Federation, the entry at 12.00 on Sunday was not opened at all. What should I do, brothers? Is there any control over them? Tin. We will fight, we will write to the authorities, up to the president. I don't like boors.

"Today was from 12 to 12.00.01. I did not even have time to enter my last name. Yes, and it also seems to me that Garf is simply extorting money, forcing the researchers to copy the necessary archive units for a fee. In the reading room I read for free, but if I cannot to get there - you have to order copies for money. With your own apparatus it is cheaper, but for this you again need to sign up for the audience. And the work just stopped. This is a reason to contact the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor's Office and the court, let them check my guesses..."

Kiyanskaya's colleagues confirm this information:

- There is something creepy. To enroll, you need to complete the enrollment form on Sunday at midnight. In 3 minutes after the start of the recording, it is already finished - people have been recorded on all dates. You can only sign up for 3 weeks in advance. The entry opens for a week. And imagine, in 3 minutes all the days are already taken!

- But what they arranged is simple seams. It seems that one of them is sitting and watching how the unfortunate doctors of sciences are tormented in order to sign up to them. And they sneak devilishly into the fist - "and I'm small at all, but I eat midges myself." You are like a doctor, and I made you all here - a little archivist official...

And this is happening in prosperous Moscow, but then what to say about the province? Everything is much worse there, writes a scientist from Omsk:

- I support your indignation. But you're still fine, but what about provincials like me (I'm from Omsk)? I did not sleep at night, recorded at 3 am, finally flew to Moscow and the archive was closed right in front of my nose. Now, at least in the summer to get there, but with such a recording procedure, I am not at all sure of success. I am writing my doctoral dissertation and everything stops...


Desperate, Kiyanskaya decided to resort to the last, most tested remedy, which all residents of the country have been relying on for centuries - to complain to the highest authority. In this historical era - to Putin. The history professor wrote letters to both the president and the prime minister, and is not going to give up:

“Who do we have there next? The prosecutor's office? Investigative committee? Constitutional Court? It seems to me that my constitutional rights and the law on archival activities are being violated..."