Posted 15 апреля 2021,, 06:21

Published 15 апреля 2021,, 06:21

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Checked by Novye Izvestia: you can still fly to Turkey on vacation through Minsk and the CIS countries

Checked by Novye Izvestia: you can still fly to Turkey on vacation through Minsk and the CIS countries

15 апреля 2021, 06:21
The suspension of flights with Turkey and Tanzania from April 15 to June 1 forced the Russians to change their vacation plans. However, many decided not to abandon it and began to look for workarounds. Tour operators from neighboring countries quickly grasped the requests of Russian tourists.

Irina Mishina

In total, for the period of suspension of flights with Turkey, tours to this country were booked by 533,200 Russians. More than 40% of them are families with children, the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) reported. Rosstourism has already offered Russians who bought tours to Turkey or Tanzania to exchange them for a trip around the country. But there were not many people willing. The responses in social networks in this regard are categorical:

"Turkey was covered and invited to rest in the Krasnodar Territory, at exorbitant prices".

“Planning a vacation in Turkey, and bummer. They urge you not to go to Turkey, but where you can have a good rest in the summer? Good quality and affordable. No really. Better through Minsk to Turkey”, - write users of social networks.

The news of the closure of flights with Turkey forced both vacationers and tour operators to look for workarounds.

“What, they closed Turkey ?! For those who do not know how to think. Anyone who understands at least a little understands that it is useless to return tickets already purchased or try to return tickets to impoverished airlines - continuous financial losses. But you can take and go to Turkey on vacation. There are no problems with that”, - blogger Ilya Valiev writes in a livejournal.

The road to a desired, budgetary and comfortable vacation by the sea in Turkey in April-May ran through Belarus for many.

“There are a lot of such requests from Russian tourists now, they call literally every 2 minutes”, - the representatives of Minsk office of the travel company told Novye Izvestia, - From April to October, charter flights constantly fly from Minsk to Turkey. The average cost of a tour per person in April is about 500 euros, in May it will be slightly higher. An air ticket from Moscow to Minsk now costs about $ 150-200, many Russian tourists have started using the services of our tour operators".

On the website of another travel agency there is a proposal: “We offer Russians tours to Turkey with departures from Belarusian cities by direct charter flights. The package air tour includes an air flight to the airport of Turkey from Belarus, a transfer service from the airport to the hotel of residence and back, insurance for the rest period and the hotel of your choice with meals. You can select and book a suitable tour remotely with the help of our specialists. We accept payments from Russian citizens by bank transfer or online card in Russian rubles".

In the Minsk office of this travel agency, we were also confirmed by the high demand among Russians for tours to Turkey with a flight from Minsk. Prices for such tours today range from 329 to 649 euros per person, based on a double room.

What is happening at this time in Turkey itself? Is everything really so sad there in connection with the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus, as presented by Russian official sources? For some reason, there is not a shadow of sadness or regret in the responses of those who were lucky enough to fly to Turkey these days. “It’s a pity for the Turk. They are waiting as never before: repairing, painting. And without taking off your masks, even on the street. Masks are worn by both waiters and grandfathers on the heap. Gloves are not at all honored. The ambulance was seen only once. Traveled a third of the coast. So that Moscow will experience the pandemic as it is here! Lockdown blows the brain. The beaches and embankments are empty. Cafes are takeaway only. Some restaurateurs directly pursue a lonely tourist with a pleading look, lure him from the back door to him. We ate so secretly alone in a cozy hall. You can also sit on the sofa on the beach. There are so few people around that if you want to get infected, try to catch up! You feel like a shah or a pasha. Upon arrival at the hotel, there were only three guests on three floors”, - writes Yelena Gudkevich on her Facebook.

By the way, now you can fly to Turkey not only through Belarus, other CIS countries did not close air traffic either. For example, Kazakhstanis will not have to cancel their planned trips to Turkey, air traffic with it does not stop. Three carriers operate in this direction in Almaty. They make more than 15 flights a week to different cities. Kyrgyzstan also has not yet introduced travel restrictions to Turkey. There are five regular flights from Bishkek to this country every week. There are no restrictions on flights to Turkey in Tajikistan today, representatives of the national airline Somon Air said. Flights take place twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can also fly by Turkish Airlines. Georgia also does not stop air communication with Turkey. The flights are operated by airlines of the two countries from Tbilisi and Batumi. Passengers must carry a negative coronavirus test result. In Azerbaijan, there is no talk of canceling flights to Turkey yet, on the contrary, Azerbaijan plans to increase the number of flights. Baku-Istanbul-Baku flights will become daily. Since April 1, a visa-free regime has been in effect between the countries. As for the air flight from Belarus, planes between Minsk and Istanbul now run daily. The flights are operated by the national air carrier of Belarus and Turkish Airlines. Before departure, you need to pass a PCR test for coronavirus. Turkey will be allowed only with a negative result.

Of course, the question arises about the increase in the cost of recreation for Russians if the tour is ordered through Belarusian tour operators, taking into account the flight to Minsk. But if we compare, for example, today's average prices for tours to Turkey of Minsk tour operators, they, even taking into account the price of a ticket to Minsk, are cheaper than "last-minute" tours to Crimea. I think it's unnecessary to talk about comfort. Tour operators sold a weekly summer vacation for two in Turkey at a five-star hotel at a price of 42 thousand rubles in spring, the cost of the cheapest weekly tours to three-star hotels with a flight from Moscow and all-inclusive meals started at 26 thousand for two. Other foreign destinations are more expensive. For example, the cost of weekly tours to the UAE in the spring to a three-star hotel for two starts from 76 thousand rubles. On the May holidays, the price for a number of destinations has already increased, tourists will have to pay extra when changing directions.

So far, the situation with vacations is developing according to an unpredictable scenario. One thing is clear: while Russian tour operators are counting losses, their colleagues in neighboring Belarus are rubbing their hands.