Posted 15 апреля 2021,, 10:00

Published 15 апреля 2021,, 10:00

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Roscosmos will increase salaries of cosmonauts to 500 thousand rubles

Roscosmos will increase salaries of cosmonauts to 500 thousand rubles

15 апреля 2021, 10:00
Фото: АиФ
The salary of beginning cosmonauts in Russia will grow to 300 thousand rubles a month, and for the experienced ones it will exceed half a million rubles, said Maxim Ovchinnikov, First Deputy General Director of Roscosmos for Economics and Finance.

According to TASS, now Russian cosmonauts receive half as much as their American and European counterparts, earning $ 7-9 thousand (from 538 to 692 thousand rubles) per month.

However, the cosmonauts will feel a tangible increase in their salaries in the near future. After the President of the Russian Federation announced an increase in salaries at a meeting on the development of the space industry on Cosmonautics Day, the income of cosmonaut candidates will grow by 70% and will average a little less than 300 thousand rubles a month.

“For those who have flown, a 50% increase - their salary is slightly more than 500 thousand rubles on average”, - the news agency quotes Ovchinnikov as saying.

Earlier, Roskosmos planned to increase the salaries of its employees by 36%. Thus, the salary of a cosmonaut candidate will increase from 60.9 to 82.8 thousand rubles, an astronaut - from 63.8 to 86.7 thousand rubles, an instructor - from 88.4 to 120.29 thousand rubles. For those who have been in space, the salary should rise from 69.6 to 94.65 thousand rubles.

Officials admitted that Roskosmos is experiencing serious difficulties in recruiting candidates for the cosmonaut corps. According to the astronauts, the cosmonaut selection system "has remained at the same level as in the 1980s" and does not correspond to modern realities. Of the 420 applications submitted in 2017 for recruitment to the cosmonaut corps , only six candidates were selected. Earlier it was noted that the official salary of a candidate for astronauts is 60.9 thousand rubles, for an astronaut - 63.8 thousand rubles, and for an instructor-cosmonaut - 88.45 thousand rubles, but various allowances and bonuses may be added to these amounts.