Posted 16 апреля 2021,, 13:18

Published 16 апреля 2021,, 13:18

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The idea of awarding the title of People's Artist to Petr Mamonov: pros and cons

The idea of awarding the title of People's Artist to Petr Mamonov: pros and cons

16 апреля 2021, 13:18
Fans of Pyotr Mamonov's creativity call on the country's authorities to confer the title of People's Artist of Russia on the 70-year-old hero, forgetting that this contradicts his status as a cult rock musician.

Angelica Zaozerskaya

M uzykant, artist and poet Petr Mamonov is celebrating its 70th anniversary with concerts and tours across the country. And the day before, a petition appeared on the network with a proposal to confer the title of People's Artist of Russia on Pyotr Nikolaevich. More than 20 thousand people signed this appeal:

“There is no attention from the creative community, the Ministry of Culture and other official bodies to this event and no one is going to congratulate him, and even more - to award him. So it was like this during his previous anniversaries, everything will pass unnoticed, as if he does not exist... (((

And he is, he is with us, pleases us with his creativity, inspires, supports, prays for us!

Let us, too, publicly clap for conferring on him the title of PEOPLE'S ARTIST of the Russian Federation!

He deserves it like no other. Everyone knows his wonderful work in cinema (films: "Taxi Blues" and "The Island"), theatrical solo performances: "Chocolate Pushkin", "How I read Isaac Sirin", the radio program "Golden Regiment", and as a musician, creator of the legendary group "Sounds of Mu”.

Who loves his work, sign this petition!

Let the authorities know that the people of Mamonov remember and love! He has earned the title of moral authority of the nation, but it will remain in our hearts, and let the power at least appropriate the people's artist. Peter deserves this title!

Let us not remain indifferent and thus nationally congratulate Pyotr Nikolaevich on his 70th birthday and remind the authorities that together we are strength and we remember our heroes!

Give Mamonov the People's Artist title! Support the petition!"

The petition was initiated by the wife of Peter Mamonov Olga Ivanovna. On the social network, she turned to subscribers:

"Dear friends!

Peter Nikolaevich's wife is writing to you.

In 2006, after the release of P. Lungin's film "The Island", I turned to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation with a request to award the title of "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation" to the artist Pyotr Mamonov. Received a refusal. 15 years have passed. On the 70th anniversary of the artist, I again turned to the Ministry of Culture with a request to confer the title of "People's Artist of the Russian Federation" on Pyotr Mamonov and to be awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, IV degree for his contribution to the culture of Russia. On March 24, 2021, awards and titles were presented at the Bolshoi Theater. We were not invited. It hurts and hurts me a lot. I want to share this pain with you. Mamonov's wife Olga Ivanovna..."

An Italian actor, a student of the outstanding director Lev Dodin Antonio Villani, also spoke on this topic in his blog:

“Why do you need it? Everyone knows about him. Such a title in 2021 is not the goal of life. It will not change your dignified life in any way. So live joyfully. We live for our happiness, not for the sake of the badge on the chest. There is no such value in the 2021 world!"

Pavel Lungin, the director of the film Ostrov, shared with Novye Izvestia his opinion on the desire of Pyotr Mamonov to become a People's Artist:

“Petr Mamonov is a true artist. Of course, he deserves the title of national. Although rock musicians, and Mamonov is a rock musician, are rarely folk artists. And why should they?"

Meanwhile, Mamonov, who in his free time from concerts and performances lives in the Kaluga village of Efanovo, is happy that his performances are gathering many young people:

“Young people should think about how to make the most of their day, who to help, what good to do, and they are looking for fun and earnings on the Internet. Old people no longer have the strength to create, adults have become consumers, if not parasites, so the young shift is the main hope. All the actors, including myself, are trying our best to direct the youth on the right track..."

The hero of the day told Novye Izvestia that he is saddened by the fact that young people do not want to start a family and live one day:

“I was definitely not an angel, but I wanted to start a family and created it. Whereas today's youth do not want to burden themselves with children. Egoists, consumers, and it's sad..."

On April 14, Petr Mamonov performed at the House of Cinema with the program "Spring Concert". Tickets were sold several months in advance. The next concert of Pyotr Mamonov will take place on May 13 in St. Petersburg.

Novye Izvestia joins in congratulating Pyotr Mamonov on his anniversary.