Posted 19 апреля 2021,, 07:30

Published 19 апреля 2021,, 07:30

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Masha and taxi drivers: a story about a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad and salvation from a bear

Masha and taxi drivers: a story about a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad and salvation from a bear

19 апреля 2021, 07:30
We continue to publish stories from taxi drivers, recorded by the correspondent of "Novye Izvestia" Maria Dubinskaya. All these are real stories heard by the journalist from taxi drivers on their way through the capital's traffic jams.

Today the story is from a taxi driver who, according to him, belongs to the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad.

“On the maternal side, I am from the Seids. Look on the Internet if you have not heard who it is. Relatively speaking, this is a kind of "saints". The descendants of the pious family of the Messenger of the Most High Muhammad are called Seyids, do you understand, right?

It is believed that we cannot do bad things even in small things! For example, if you steal a match, then your whole house will burn down from it. You can't do bad things! Seid must be a good person.

Seyids, of course, could do different miracles. And even now they can. For myself, I also notice some abilities. There are prophetic dreams, they coincide right in the details, you know... It is convenient to get hints from dreams!

And yet, I have two fused toes on both legs, excuse me for such a detail. This is also a special "mark" of the genus, as we say.

In general, life used to be very difficult, very. But people were also more tolerant than they are now. Maybe because the food was different? Now in stores there is one nasty thing on the shelves ...

My father's family lived near Jermuk, a big family ... 1942, mountains, wilderness, our men went to war, literally rushed there. All this was at the call of the heart, the country had to be defended.

The economy of the woman and the old people remained, but wild animals roam around, it's scary.

A seven-year-old girl was devoured by a wolf, but she would have been my aunt...

And my uncle, then he was 12, was stolen by a bear. And bears often lay their prey with stones - it seems like they make a stash.

Lucky boy! Incredible, but true: survived! Our local women found that place and dug it out from under these boulders. It was completely fractured, absolutely. And the face is whole! They left the boy, put him on his feet.

Then he lived for a long time. All crooked, somehow everything has grown together somehow, but beautiful: blond - our family, by the way, had a lot of light ones; and red antennae, green eyes ... I gave birth to four children later! Well done!

Here, in the metropolis, all this seems to be something incredible now, but what life was like, this is not a fiction, not some kind of movie...".