Posted 22 апреля 2021, 11:36

Published 22 апреля 2021, 11:36

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Holes and mold: residents of the Perovo district are shocked by the quality of the renovated houses

22 апреля 2021, 11:36
For a little over four months that Muscovites have lived in one of the new houses, a huge number of defects and imperfections have been discovered in it.
Moscow region

A new outrageous case of poor quality (to put it mildly) of houses built as part of the renovation program has already been written by some Moscow media and told by the popular blogger Ilya Varlamov.

The reason for the publication was the post of a Muscovite who was relocated at the end of last year from a brick four-story building to a new building, built by the notorious PIK company at 27a Zeleny Prospekt, in which she said that instead of a moisture-resistant tongue-and-groove comb, would-be builders put in the bathroom and toilet normal:

“As a result - the analysis of the wall in the room. There were a lot of commissions, "PIK" also came, repairs with new material, workers' pay, etc. cost the contractor somewhere around 500 thousand. The rest of the photos - another apartment with new leaks and mold - 13th floor. Where are the deputies of the Perovo district Tatyana Yakovleva and Denis Aksyonov? They praised this house so much.

And yes, how to clean windows in which one sash opens only for ventilation? According to some woodpeckers, so that children do not fall out. I will reveal a secret - children sometimes put a chair.

One thing pleases me. In the Center for Public Information, mold has also gone, I think - from the underground parking lot.

So the acts arrived. As a result of the heroic work of the commissions, the humidity did not decrease much. That is, it turns out that initially the "experts" did not know what to do and did not understand the complexity of the problem. They also asked not to appeal to emotions. No emotion: the provision of TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION was denied!.."

Moreover, the tenants of this house are not the first time they complain about the renovation quality. More recently, the media reported that tenants found holes in their apartments at the height of winter, and only then they realized why they were so cold. True, then the shortcomings were quickly eliminated. And now the mold...

And practically everywhere. In the comments, other residents testify: the builders saved on everything!

- 14th floor - the same problem, mold also appears. Well, plus to this - on the stairs, the smoke removal systems have been "cut off" by someone, so the fire safety is also at the level...

- 8th floor. Tell me why, when I enter the apartment, I find out that the wall, where the electric machines are located, shocks? And I'll tell you, because the wires were pulled into this wall from the common corridor not in a corrugation, but how it happened. They ripped off the braid from the wire, and the wire banged against the metal frame in the wall! And when the tiles in the guest toilet were opened, broken tiles and water appeared on the heating hoses in the semi-dry screed! How did it happen that the supposedly groove-comb took over 100 percent of the water and turned into plasticine, which was eventually cut like a sausage?

- I move from one wet tongue-groove to another wet tongue-groove and the whole house is made like this, it's scary to spit on this tongue-groove - the house will first rot, and then fold down, and do not forget that the walls on the first floor of the house are slowly rotting.

- We literally saved a pretty penny, tongue-and-groove slabs are the cheapest option for partitions when compared with brick or plasterboard or gypsum fiber collection, and the worst option for sound insulation. But even here they saved money by choosing the cheapest tongue-and-groove slabs.

Meanwhile, the municipal deputy of Perovo, Denis Aksenov, in response to appeals addressed to him, explained that since the house was being built next to the district council, its leadership could observe the construction, confident that it would turn out to be exemplary:

“This house is viewed as an example of the implementation of the program. I turned to the Renovation Fund after the incident began to be reported on social networks, and a special commission would come to assess the scale of the disaster. I talked to a resident, and she says, they say, everything is extremely bad. And the experts of the fund, in turn, declare that this is an isolated case and a plan of action to eliminate it has already been prepared..."

True, a logical question arises: since this ill-fated house with holes and mold is called "exemplary", then what other, "non-exemplary" houses, built under the renovation program, will turn out to be. There are as many as 196 planned in Perov! It's scary to even imagine...