Posted 22 апреля 2021, 08:57

Published 22 апреля 2021, 08:57

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Syria strikes at the Israeli nuclear center "Dimona"

22 апреля 2021, 08:57
Фото: AP/picture-alliance
Syrian air defenses, in response to an Israeli missile attack in Damascus province, struck the Israeli nuclear center "Dimona" in the southern part of the country in the Negev desert, where a nuclear research center and a nuclear reactor are located.

The incident occurred early in the morning on April 22. The Israelis were raised by sirens warning of rocket attacks. This was followed by a series of powerful explosions that were heard in many parts of the country. As reported by the Syrian state news agency SANA, this is only a "retaliation".

"Our air defense systems reflect Israeli missile aggression in the Dumair region of Damascus", - the EADaily news agency was quoted as saying.

This information is confirmed by The Times of Israel , which indicates that the missile strike was not an attack on an Israeli reactor, but the launch of a missile directed against an Israeli plane. The aircraft was discovered by the Syrian military in the Golan Heights, over which there is a territorial dispute between Syria and Israel (the UN Security Council recognizes this territory as Syrian, in the SAR it is called "occupied").

"A surface-to-air missile was fired from Syrian territory and landed in Israel in the Negev region", - the statement said.

The Israeli army confirms the launch of one SA-5 missile from Syria, followed by a series of Israeli strikes against the position of the missile launcher that fired the missiles and the air defense systems of the SAR. As a result of the shelling, four Syrian soldiers were injured, and the SAR positions located 40 km northeast of Damascus were damaged.

According to Reuters, the explosions were heard about 90 kilometers from the Dimona before the warning sirens went off. The nuclear center itself was allegedly not damaged.

“It is worth noting that Dimona was covered by the Patriot air defense system, which, according to the experience of Saudi Arabia, do not always cope with modern Iranian cruise and ballistic missiles. Israel said that the attack on Dimona was not deliberate and that it was an SA-5 missile that flew from Syrian territory”, - reports colonelcassad.

Channels affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are broadcasting the news in the context of a "response" to Natanza.

“At about 01.38 today, Israel launched an air attack using missiles from the occupied Golan Heights, hitting some targets in the vicinity of Damascus. Our air defenses repelled the aggression and shot down most (missiles). The aggression led to the fact that four soldiers were injured”, - the SAR Ministry of Defense said.