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Published 23 апреля 2021,, 15:35

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Human milk and birthing parents: gender nonsense has become the "legal" terms

Human milk and birthing parents: gender nonsense has become the "legal" terms

23 апреля 2021, 15:35
“Dear god, the world has gone mad!”, “I can't believe what I just read!”, “As a woman and a mother, I am insulted to the core!”, - over a thousand comments in this spirit were left by residents Great Britain under the Daily Mail article on innovation in healthcare.

The fact is that recently the NHS Trust for the UK's National Health Service has developed a strategy aimed at "expanding the reach of the 'trans community'" and at "tackling the 'trans phobia'". The regional offices of Brighton and Sussex (BSUH NHS Trust) were the first in Foggy Albion to take the initiative and make terminology changes in their work with patients.

The Daily Mail in this regard reports in the article named "Hospital tells doctors, nurses and midwives to say 'birthing parents' and 'human milk' instead of 'mothers' and 'breastmilk' because they risk offending transgender people" that the leadership of the University Hospitals of Brighton and Sussex released "a blizzard of phrases containing the theme of gender inclusion".

From now on, in the speech of the staff of these medical centers, phrases such as, for example, "human milk" and "birthing parents" are heard.

The definitions of "mother", "father", "man", "woman" and "breastmilk", although not yet completely banned, however, employees are urged to "deliberately dilute" them with the aforementioned new phrases, and also to use more "inclusive language".

In particular, instead of the words "woman" and "woman in labor" it is advised to use the word "person", and instead of the word "father" - "parent", "co-parent" or "second biological parent", depending on the circumstances. A generalization such as "people" is also encouraged. And all this in order to "not offend transgender people".

“BSUH NHS Trust hospitals were the first in the country to officially carry out such a radical restructuring of their maternity units, from now on these units will be called“ perinatal services ”, - says the Daily Mail.

“Gender identity can be a source of oppression and health inequality. We are consciously using the words 'women' and 'people' together to make it clear that we are committed to working on addressing health inequalities for all those who use our services. 'As midwives and birth workers, we focus on improving access and health outcomes for marginalised and disadvantaged groups. 'Women are frequently disadvantaged in healthcare, as are trans and non-binary people. 'By continuing to use the term 'woman' we commit to working on addressing health inequalities for all who use our services.'We also recognise that there is currently biological essentialism and transphobia present within elements of mainstream birth narratives and discourse. 'We strive to protect our trans and non-binary service users and healthcare professionals from additional persecution as a consequence of terminology changes, recognising the significant impact this can have on psychological and emotional wellbeing. 'Acknowledging the cultural context in which service development occurs is vital in making trans and non-binary lives safer, - ”says the BSUH NHS Trust document.

The Daily Mail further cites this information: “An estimated 1 per cent of the adult population in Britain identifies as transgender or non-binary but the trans population in Brighton and Hove is thought to be larger. Although no official figures exist on the trans community, research has shown nearly 10 per cent of the population of Brighton and Hove identify as LGBTQ+, compared to around 2.2 per cent of the general population. The Office for National Statistics estimates that there are approximately 200,000-500,000 trans people in the UK".

According to Daily Mail, Freddy McConnell, 34, was the the first British transgender man to ever carry and give birth to a child. He previously lost a battle to be registered as the 'father' on his son's birth certificate.

Freddy who was able to get pregnant in 2017, was legally male when he gave birth to his first child Jack in 2018. Having accessed a sperm donor, Freddy stopped taking testosterone to become pregnant and became the UK's first transgender man to carry and give birth to his own baby. When Jack was born he wanted to be registered as 'father or parent' but a registrar told him that the law, Children Act 1989, requires people who give birth to be registered as mothers. An appeal to be named 'father' on his child's birth certificate was rejected by Supreme Court Justices in November 2020, because it was seen as not an 'arguable point of law'.

The journalist who had already lost two rounds of a legal battle, said being forced to be recorded as 'mother' breached his human right to respect for private and family life. In January he revealed that he had suffered a miscarriage at six weeks after having IVF to fall pregnant with his second child.

Freddy discovered that he was pregnant from an embryo transfer in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Mr McConnell started taking testosterone aged 25 and had breast tissue removed a year later, but never had a hysterectomy to remove his uterus because he had not ruled out wanting children. Posting on Instagram, the father-of-one said he had begun excitedly imagining the next nine months, but he then discovered that he had suffered a loss at six weeks after having blood tests at a clinic in the New Year. "Pregnancy loss is still taboo and it shouldn’t be. Trans and queer pregnancy loss is part of that, however small, however invisible, however fervently denied by a hateful few", - he said. portal drew attention to the news from the UK. It's one of Germany's oldest pregnancy and motherhood websites (it was created 24 years old). owner Stefan Fritsche published an article titled "Will breast milk be banned soon?"...

In an interview with Novye Izvestia, Stefan, a father of four children, noted with irony: “When you have been developing a website for women and mothers for more than 20 years, and it suddenly turns out that they should no longer exist, it is somewhat overwhelming and frustrating. I'll tell you...".

Meanwhile, in the comments to the article about the new anti-transphobic terminology, the British are outraged, pointing out that in this endless pursuit of tolerance, state activists trample the rights of 99% of residents:

Pinkcrush: “If that's all they have to resent, then they're just lucky! Here I am - a woman, and I am more and more offended by attempts to eradicate this word! "

DoubtfulBee: “As a woman and a mother of two, I am deeply offended by this attack on my identity. This is blatant discrimination against women for the sake of a minority that is trying to ignore the biological fact that only a woman is capable of giving life and breastfeeding!"

citizenP: “I just can't believe what I just read. Our country has turned upside down! "

Ye Olde Cynic: “Stop the planet, I'll go down. I've never heard more nonsense!"

piscesmoonchild: "Hospitals should focus on treating patients, not on pleasing those who are constantly offended!"

Anonymous: "God... I don't even know whether to laugh or cry!"

AnnieVincent: “It offends me too. I am a woman and I am a mother, I breastfeed my baby. When will these informal activists leave! It seems that they really enjoy offending the vast majority of the population for the sake of a handful of those who feel offended under any circumstances"

Kittenwhisperer: "Dear god, the world has gone mad"

rolf kitching: “I am a proud father of two children, a boy and a girl. I am not a proud "parent", but a proud father. I am deeply offended that my status as a father and my wife's status as a mother are now considered so offensive that they should be banned. What about the feelings of 99% of proud parents - this definition can be used as a general name for a group of people - who are absolutely happy to be called Mothers and Fathers?

Articles about the birth of children to transgender people are actively published in the foreign press, gradually forming in the audience a sense of the ordinary and normalcy of this phenomenon.

“After about 12 weeks of pregnancy, Trevor McDonald shared the pregnancy news with his colleagues. “There were people who immediately started calling me 'mom' and 'she'”, - says MacDonald. And one person said to him: "If you give birth, you are a mother".

MacDonald disagrees. While many would not hesitate to refer to childbearing as a woman's experience, childbearing in his understanding was never gender. Breastfeeding too. Despite breast surgery, Trevor was able to breastfeed both of his children, now five and 18 months old, using a combination of his own milk and donated milk from a community that ranged from military family to Mormons. "I was worried that breastfeeding might seem gender-specific to me - I was thinking if I could do it, or would I experience a lot of gender dysphoria?"

As a result, MacDonald became an ardent fan of breastfeeding, which left him with mixed emotions about the breast surgery performed. Although this operation helped him move “to” where he began to feel comfortable in his own skin, now it prevented him from feeding his children”, - writes The Guardian.

Meanwhile, the Russian platform CitizenGo continues to collect signatures under an appeal to the Minister of Health of our country, Mikhail Murashko, demanding “ to abandon the adoption in Russia of the new classification of diseases ICD-11, which normalizes psychosexual deviations and to protect our children and Russian healthcare from the encroachments of radical activists of LGBT ideology".

More than 45,000 Russians have already signed up to the petition. The appeal, in particular, says:

“International radical LGBT lobbyists are not only engaged in propaganda and legislation. They are also trying to take over science and medicine in different ways. At the same time, they use influential international structures such as the UN and WHO - the World Health Organization as a tool. This is what is happening now - and will directly affect life in Russia. We must act.

On May 25, 2019, WHO approved a new, eleventh revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), which should come into effect on January 1, 2022. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation plans to introduce this classification in our country and is preparing for this in full swing.

This document unconditionally normalizes homosexuality and transsexuality as psychosexual health options. Pedophilia and other paraphilias are no longer unconditioned sex drive disorders, and transsexualism will have only one approved "treatment" - lifelong hormone therapy and mutilation.

At the same time, the adoption of the WHO-recommended concepts of "mental norm" and "norms of sexual behavior", formulated in ICD-11, directly threatens the safety of children, freeing pedophiles from receiving the necessary psychiatric treatment if they "do not feel discomfort from their condition." In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

The strategic plans for the development of the Russian Federation, as well as the interests and moral values ​​of its peoples, contradict the course taken by WHO to reduce the population of the planet.

We do not need the indoctrination of the younger generation with a "gender" ideology, the encouragement of abortion, unnatural sexual behavior and the destruction of the family.

The ideas of WHO, expressed in ICD-11, contradict the presidential decree "On the national development goals of the Russian Federation until 2030", which indicates the need to ensure sustainable growth in the population of the Russian Federation, and may lead to a reduction in the reproductive potential and life expectancy of Russians.

They also contradict the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, the principles and priorities of the state family policy of Russia, as well as the provisions of the updated Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Russia does not need the destructive "LGBT" ideology behind the WHO medical classification.

“LGBT” parades, adoption of children by same-sex couples, homosexual “marriages”, self-harm “sex reassignment” operations and other similar phenomena do not start by themselves. This is a carefully thought out and purposeful process, starting with the depathologization of mental disorders and a change in the scientific status quo.

Such changes often elude the attention of people, since they occur in a narrow circle of specialists, without the participation of the general public. But the fruits of these decisions affect us all.

That is why we demand that such scientific discussions become open to the public. This will help both impartial medical professionals and all of us defend the scientific credibility, sovereignty and demographic security of Russia.

Anyone who signed this petition can stand between the harmful diktat of political correctness of the West and the future of Russia, protect children from corruption and future generations from deliberate depopulation.

In the sixties, politicians deceived by myths and propaganda feared overpopulation. And then, along with other methods of reducing the birth rate, American demographers proposed "changing sexual mores, encouraging the growth of homosexuality and unnatural forms of sexual intercourse." Reducing the birth rate on a global scale and promoting "LGBT" by the orders of President Ford and Obama have become a priority of American foreign policy. Since then, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the American Psychological Association, the United Nations and their branches have been actively involved in the implementation of the population reduction program.

  • In 1990, WHO depatologized homosexuality.
  • In 2010, the WHO standards for sexuality education in Europe were published, promoting "gender" theory, homosexuality and attitudes towards the early sexualization of children.
  • In 2011, the Obama administration has declared "the fight for the rights of sexual minorities" a priority in American foreign policy.
  • In the same year, the "Istanbul Convention" is signed. It leads to the fact that parents are forbidden to resist child molestation in schools, and states report on the work done on "sex education".

As a result, in many Western countries already 2/3 of young people (66%) do not consider themselves "absolutely heterosexual", there is an explosive increase in cases of diagnosis of "gender dysphoria". Increased morbidity and mortality among “LGBT people” leads to significant government costs that fall on the shoulders of taxpayers, the pension system and the health insurance system.

And against this frightening background, WHO adopted the eleventh revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), the ideologized provisions of which will become new tools for imposing on Russia and the whole world of ideas about the "normality" of various psychosexual deviations, including homosexuality, transsexuality, pedophilia and other paraphilia.

Where this document is fully adopted, the system of medical care will be revised to suit the ideology of radical "LGBT" activists.

All transsexual sufferers will only be offered lifelong hormone therapy and mutilation.

Children will be at risk because pedophiles who “are not uncomfortable with their condition” will not receive the mental health care they need.

In addition, there will be a legal conflict in the provision of psychotherapeutic assistance to children experiencing homosexual attractions or wishing to “change sex”. In many Western countries, the only acceptable approach is the so-called. Gay / trans affirmative therapy. Within the framework of this approach, it is proposed to inform a minor patient that supposedly "a consensus has been reached in science", that his mental state is an "absolute norm" that does not require any change.

Following this recommendation, psychologists and psychiatrists, instead of providing professional help, will actually promote "non-traditional" sexual relations.

This is real madness. We must stop it by showing Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko that our society is not going to bow to sexual radicals and the globalist lobby behind it. WHO could become their tool - but not Russian medicine.

We do not want the future of Russia to be killed by reducing the population of our country, indoctrinating our children and young people with "gender" ideology, encouraging abortion and unnatural sexual behavior, destroying the family. We do not need the destructive provisions of the ICD-11, which have become an instrument of sexual radicals. Russian medicine will do without them".