Posted 27 апреля 2021,, 14:14

Published 27 апреля 2021,, 14:14

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#MeToo does not threaten us: colleagues branded Proklova for her memories about defilement

#MeToo does not threaten us: colleagues branded Proklova for her memories about defilement

27 апреля 2021, 14:14
Фото: инстаграм Елены Прокловой
The other day, the actress spoke about her childhood sexual abuse. The offender was quickly identified - apparently, Proklova was referring to the late Oleg Tabakov. Among her colleagues, the actress's revelations aroused rage.

Memories of Yelena Proklova sounded on the NTV program "Secret for a Million". According to the artist, she experienced the first episode of sexual harassment at the age of 12. At that time, Proklova was already acting in films. After work, when the girl returned to the hotel, the second director watched her in the corridor: “He pressed me against the wall, climbed under my jacket. And my chest was just beginning to grow, he pinched me, I was in pain. Tried to get into my underwear. It gave him pleasure when I shouted that it was unpleasant for me".

Three years later, according to Proklova, she again faced abuse: “When I was 15 years old, a famous actor flared up towards me. He said that he would prepare me for admission. After filming, he took him to the forest and asked him to read the fable. Then he walked around me from behind and took me by the chest. He put his hands between my legs. It is very difficult when you are not old enough, you do not know anything. And they tell you that adults do this, and that's okay. As I recall this girl, who was forced to undress, persuaded to oral sex... It's all scary".

The connection lasted for two years. The actor pursued Proklova, although he was married: “I had to touch his penis, which I just hated. It was not in line with what I dreamed of seeing in my life. I wanted to run away, and he undressed me. He made him lie naked next to him, he satisfied himself. My tears and pleas did not work: he only looked at me and, as it seems to me, enjoyed it".

The actress managed to break up with the rapist only when she began to meet with her future husband, journalist Vitaly Melik-Karamov. However, the first experience was so traumatic that it forever instilled in her a fear of intimacy: “I had a lot of men - I'm not ashamed of that. Everyone enters into adult sex life in different ways. It's great when it's love and romance. But I have a different fate. As soon as it comes to sex, I immediately want to close, I'm afraid of that. I have a fear and dread of physical intimacy. My first experience was so harsh, destructive - it was perversion. I was plunged into this adult life, as if in a puddle of mud".

Proklova did not reveal the name of her abuser, but the audience figured out that she meant Oleg Tabakov: in the past, the actress admitted that when she was 15, they had an affair.

The actress's confessions caused anger among her colleagues. Stanislav Sadalsky in his instagram reacted with an anecdote: “A grandmother sits on Red Square and yells: “Help, he rapes me!”. The police came up: “Grandma, what are you yelling? Who is raping you?" And the grandmother replies: "But he raped me 40 years ago". "What are you yelling now?" - "But it's so nice to remember!"

Actress Yana Poplavskaya advised Proklova to contact a psychiatrist: “There is such an expression“ a pig will find dirt”. Why do tens of thousands of people, turning on their output TV, have to see and hear the stream of consciousness, be present when turning dirty cowards and vile details of their private life! They talk about such things either to the confessor or to the doctor! What has become of us? When did something happen that we began to consider abomination the norm ?! When did the concept of taboo disappear?! "

Oleg Tabakov's widow Marina Zudina also spoke: “I am ashamed of an elderly woman who has nothing to attract attention with. May the Lord forgive her".

The only one who supported Yelena Proklova was the actress Tatyana Bronzova, the wife of Boris Shcherbakov. According to her, quoted by "KP", this story is not new to any of the crowd: “Lena does not know how to lie. She is a very sincere person, which is why she is a good actress. Just in her youth she was very pretty, feminine, a kind of nymph". Bronzova claims that Proklova was not Tabakov's only victim: “At the Studio School where he taught, he had beloved girls, even though he was married. One of his students, whom he strongly harassed, he ruined her career. He was very fond of female students".