Posted 29 апреля 2021,, 17:16

Published 29 апреля 2021,, 17:16

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Mikhalkov, who called vaccination "chipization", vaccinated against coronavirus

Mikhalkov, who called vaccination "chipization", vaccinated against coronavirus

29 апреля 2021, 17:16
Фото: РБК
Film director Nikita Mikhalkov, who was previously an ardent opponent of vaccination and publicly called it "chipization", got the first coronavirus vaccine.

As Mikhalkov said during a press conference, after the administration of the drug, he feels fine.

“It seems so far, that everything is good thank God. I'll have a second shot in three weeks. I just got vaccinated, I don't know the result yet...", - Mikhalkov said.

He explained that he made the decision to vaccinate after realizing that he “loses vigilance” when he walks and communicates with people.

“I began to catch myself forgetting the mask. Where you bahn - God knows where. And if so, then you need to be vaccinated", - The Insider quotes Mikhalkov words.

After this statement, Mikhalkov was reminded of his recent performance on the Besogon program. In front of the TV camera, the director repeatedly claimed that the vaccination was allegedly invented by Bill Gates to "chip" the population, and that the purpose of such manipulations was to control people and reduce the world's population.

“This is not a vaccination in our understanding! This is chipization!.. A chip is implanted into the human body, which plays the role of a controlling body for compliance with the characteristics of daily activity for some kind of cryptocurrency...", - said Mikhalkov.

The director argued that, according to the authors of the chipping program, the population should be reduced because people began to consume too much "oxygen, food and everything else".

It is possible that in the near future Mikhalkov, like other Muscovites of retirement age, will be able to benefit from the vaccination: the capital's restaurateurs reported that they can provide a 10% discount to guests who have been vaccinated against coronavirus. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has promised residents of the capital over 60 years of age to hand over a gift card for one thousand prize points or a promotional code with the same denomination for the vaccination against coronavirus.

Similar actions began in other regions of the country. So, the elderly residents of Chukotka, who agreed to covid vaccination, decided to pay premiums of 2,000 rubles, and in the Khabarovsk Territory free sets of eggs were allocated for pensioners before Easter, which are given to the vaccinated immediately after injection at vaccination points.