Posted 3 мая 2021,, 15:43

Published 3 мая 2021,, 15:43

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Against the truth: the answer of the editor of Novye Izvestia to "Prilepin's Guard" and Ms. Zaozerskaya (Glebova)

Against the truth: the answer of the editor of Novye Izvestia to "Prilepin's Guard" and Ms. Zaozerskaya (Glebova)

3 мая 2021, 15:43
May 2 on the Day of Holy Easter the so-called "Zakhar Prilepin's Guard" decided to mark themselves not with prayers and procession, but with a public statement in social networks with a caption typed in caps - "NOVYE IZVESTIA AGAINST THE TRUTH".

We'll have to answer - what kind of "truth" is this, and what does our publication have to do with it.

Sergey Taranov

Here is the full text of this statement, with the exception of one sentence - my quote from PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE, which concerned other media and in the context of the conflict with the author of our publication, it does not matter:

“The petty-tyrant editor of Novye Izvestia, Sergey Taranov, mocked the journalist with a covid and threw mud at a dozen media outlets.

On April 20, 2021, the editor-in-chief of the Novye Izvestia newspaper, Sergey Taranov, sent a photograph to the cultural observer of the publication Angelica Zaozerskaya, where she took part in a charity event to help children with oncology in the city of Belgorod, with the words: “I would not be friends with an international criminal and murderer although it’s probably too late for you to advise. These fascists are such nice guys, aren't they?"

Sergey Taranov banned Angelica Zaozerskaya from publishing in this publication because of her participation in the public movement of Zakhar Prilepin. He was not even stopped by the news that Angelica Zaozerskaya has a covid, that she is in a serious condition, and that there is nothing to be ashamed about doing charity...

After Angelica published the words of the editor-in-chief on her Facebook page, Sergey Taranov wrote her a threatening letter demanding that his words be removed, otherwise he will use all his influence, all the possibilities of the media to destroy her.

Sergey Taranov pursues a sick person, a journalist with 30 years of experience, insulting her, calling her a fascist.

With his statement, Taranov insulted not only our comrade-in-arms, Angelica Zaozerskaya, but the entire Guard of Zakhar Prilepin, accusing him of "nationalism, militarism, anti-Semitism, fascism".

We demand a personal meeting with the editor-in-chief of Novye Izvestia, at which he must apologize to the woman and the Guard".


So, gentlemen, "guards" from a paramilitary formation not provided for by the laws and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, I explain the points.

First. Anzhelica Zaozerskaya, a native of Belgorod, who lives in Moscow, has never worked for the newspaper Novye Izvestia - neither a cultured nor any other observer. We also did not sign temporary labor contracts with her, so there is no need to talk about "dismissal".

We are talking about the personal relationship of the editor-in-chief with an UNSTANDING author, who literally begged for her notes and materials to be published in the "best edition of the country" under the guidance of "the best editor" a year and a half ago (immodest definitions, sorry, taken from the correspondence with Zaozerskaya).

By the way, the real surname of this woman is Glebova, and one of the pseudonyms is Angelica Dean. I believe that Prilepin's "guards" could clarify the passport data of this Russian citizen before writing a statement in support of the creative pseudonym.

Second. For the sake of completeness, it would be good to understand exactly how the "petty-tyrant editor mocked a journalist with a covid".

On April 19, Angelica Leonidovna announced that she had contracted the coronavirus from her son, but at all costs she would write material about the problems of the circus.

- No notes needed! Be sick calmly, - the "petty-tyrant-editor" answered her.

But on April 20, Novye Izvestia received a photo from social networks, where our freelance author flaunts in the center of the frame in a Prilepin T-shirt and baseball cap. Does this mean that Angelica Zaozerskaya-Glebova-Din is participating in the election campaigns of the political movement, which is striving at full speed to get into the new State Duma?

Yes, this is precisely what ostentatious charity and a passionate interest in the graves of WWII warriors mean, which in normal times no "guards" are needed, but just before the elections they become objects of cheap PR.

As they say, God would be with them, "activists for an hour". But any socio-political publication is not at all indifferent to the civic activity of its authors and correspondents (even if they are completely NON-AUTHORIZED). This is a matter of the reputation of a particular media outlet.

"Angelica, did you join Prilepin's movement?" - asks the same petty-tyrant on April 20.

The answer was obviously evasive:

"The public free charitable movement... Now I have achieved the restoration of the grave of an unknown pilot in Belgorod".

Thus, there was NO direct answer to a direct question about membership in the Prilepin party-guard. My interlocutor, like a shield, covered herself with the grave of an unknown pilot, adding a little later a portion of vague excuses:

"There is nothing wrong with helping people for free. I swear I don't get a single penny for the movement. Not a single one. But I want to do something for people. Unfortunately, you can't do anything without the name of a famous uncle".

So yes or no? And why so many words in response when a person is asked for a simple confirmation or refutation?

The answer was found the next day, April 21, when our reader sent this eloquent photo from the FB to the editorial office.

Let me quote the caption to the photo:

"We held a meeting of Zakhar Prilepin's movement" For the Truth "in Belgorod. They are very smart, worthy people in our ranks. It was a great honor for me to lead the Movement in my native Beogorodskaya Oblast" (author's spelling - editor's note)

And now - attention to the publication date: March 28!

That is, on March 28, Anzhelica Glebova-Zaozerskaya-Din headed the For Truth movement in the Belgorod Region, and in mid-April, in communication with the editor of NI, for some reason, she concealed this remarkable fact of her public life.

Moreover, not even a month has passed since Angelica Leonidovna is ready to renounce Prilepin, like one of the apostles from Christ:

"I don't write anything about Prilepin. I can still under the pseudonym Dean. I can get out of the movement."

Oh how! Three weeks earlier, the Movement was capitalized, and its chairman wrote about "high honor." Now - for the sake of cooperation with the liberal "Novaya Izvestia" and their "petty-tyrant editor" Angelica Leonidovna is ready to put her party card on the table and slam the door in front of the noses of new party members!

Guys from the "guard", would you go on reconnaissance with such a commander? Aren't you afraid that you will be handed over with giblets at the sight of the first liberal foe?

If in doubt, here's another quote from personal correspondence with Angelica Leonidovna, which she was ashamed to post on the FB:

"...And I did not wear a T-shirt in Prilepin's guard. To blame a person, you need to look carefully at the T-shirt - what is written on it ... There is no Guard. It's just a T-shirt with the words For Truth ... No Guard ... There is a big difference between the Guard and Prilepin's movement ... " (author's spelling - ed.)

There is no desire to look for the difference between outright Stalinists, nationalists and neo-fascists in their modern guise. It is enough that a week ago the Co-Chairman of the A Just Russia - Patriots - For Truth party Zakhar Prilepin proposed to erect a monument to Joseph Stalin in Moscow. And plans to start collecting signatures, as reported by "NI" , starting on May 9. Prior to this, in December last year, Prilepin showed himself a real anti-Semite, a Bvin jury of the largest literary award "Big Book" is that there are too many Jews ...

Here, finally, the third circumstance - about how "Sergey Taranov wrote her a letter with threats, in which he demands to remove his words, otherwise he will use all his influence, all the possibilities of the media to destroy her".

Here is this very, very "scary" letter sent on April 24 at 4.43 pm:

"Don't lie! I never called you a fascist. I really ask you not to make yourself worse and remove my quotes from personal correspondence in FB. Otherwise, I will have to answer, giving arguments that are very inconvenient for you. Write as you know, I have not forgotten how to do it yet ... So I propose not to aggravate the situation in a good, human way. "

Such are our "threats of destruction" by Angelica Leonidovna Zaozerskaya-Glebova. Are you scared already? Not? So she was not in the least scared.

10 days have passed since that moment. In response, Angelica Leonidovna took a bite at the bit and went into a decisive battle against the "petty-tyrant editor". And no coronavirus, as it turned out, prevented her information and libelous activity.

Following posts on social networks, where insults and threats alternated with obscenities, one Moscow publication also published an author's column by Valery Razoryonov-Rozanov - "A well-known metropolitan journalist was fired from Novye Izvestia for a T-shirt with the inscription "Guard". Fortunately, the opus of the former The Ryazan "seer" was removed after contacting the chief editor of the site, because I repeat, it is ridiculous to talk about the dismissal of an employee who has never worked in our organization.

And when the statements of the "guards" appeared in the public eye, demanding an apology and a personal meeting, they still had to "aggravate the situation" and show it without quotes taken out of context and their arbitrary interpretations.

So without any meetings, I hope that even the newly-minted "guards" should understand: you shouldn't deal with people who are LIE to you in the eyes. And twice you should not prolong relations with people who post PERSONAL correspondence in public space. In the ethics of normal people, this was called "podlyanka" and "set-up" before all social networks and the Internet.

So maybe your "guard" should have its own first department, where they would check for lice regional "commanders"? Otherwise, it’s not even an hour — you will run into traitors and apostates...

And in journalism - let it be yours - the issue of personal trust in authors is critical. Lying once, will continue to lie.