Posted 6 мая 2021,, 10:05

Published 6 мая 2021,, 10:05

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"Drank a glass of vodka and sings and dances!" Grishkovets glorified Russian old women

"Drank a glass of vodka and sings and dances!" Grishkovets glorified Russian old women

6 мая 2021, 10:05
Writer and actor Yevgeny Grishkovets compared the lives of Swiss and Russian pensioners.

The well-known writer and actor Yevgeny Grishkovets gave an interview to the network publication, almost completely devoting it to the theme of patriotism, love for the motherland and pity for foreigners. Grishkovets gave such strange and even incredible examples there that it seems that he is simply mocking domestic realities, however, if we recall his other similar statements, it becomes clear: no, he seriously thinks so. Here is just one excerpt from his direct speech:

“I saw how very, very, very old people walk the streets in Switzerland - they are about a hundred years old, and maybe someone over a hundred. And here comes such an old woman, and she is so lonely, very, very lonely, and some Filipina nanny is leading her by the arm. But she doesn't love her, she has such an income...

But now I remember another elderly woman. In a Siberian village I knew one aunt, she used to work as a postman, knew how to play the accordion and sang. She had such a life that she had two teeth left, and she sings her ditties so that she was called to all feasts and weddings both in her own and in neighboring villages. Her husband has already died, the children have left her, she is alone for a long time... she drank a glass of vodka - and sings and dances. And everyone adored her.

And then, after someone's birthday or wedding, she went home in winter and, before reaching home a little, sat down in a snowdrift, and froze to death. And the whole village mourned terribly, and everyone grieved because they loved her terribly.

And whose life is better, I honestly do not know. And in this sense, I have those Swiss elderly women, neatly dressed, with diamonds on their fingers, with a servant... I feel sorry for them somehow. They had everything, but they didn’t feel something. They never sang or danced like that.

I feel sorry for them, because they are not Russian.

I feel sorry for them, because they are not as sensitive, not as impressionable, they do not love their homeland as much as we do..."

These words did not go unnoticed by users of social networks. The bloggers' reaction was, to put it mildly, puzzled:

- Yeah: they love, but they were allowed to freeze in the snow. They do not like, but take care and lead by the handle. Can we live in "dislike" somehow?

- Well, here, the methodology for achieving happiness has practically formed: two teeth, an accordion, a glass of vodka and sitting in a snowdrift.

- Indeed, what a business - to walk with a nurse to an elderly lady, and even well-groomed and in diamonds. Whether it is - the husband died, the children abandoned, drank vodka and one in a snowdrift froze like a dog. This is our way! It is impossible to believe that such nonsense can be seriously told.