Posted 7 мая 2021,, 15:46

Published 7 мая 2021,, 15:46

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Pandemic and warming: the analyst named two tools for the redistribution of the world order

Pandemic and warming: the analyst named two tools for the redistribution of the world order

7 мая 2021, 15:46
The world elite specially organized quarantine and “decarbonization” of the economy in order to overcome the next crisis of capitalism, and then reshape the economic model to meet the requirements of the new technological order.

The catastrophic situation on the planet is being vigorously discussed by the world community. According to UN Secretary General Antonio Guteris, the Earth's temperature has reached a historic maximum in the past 3 million years. The official said in this regard that humanity is on the edge of an abyss, and that by 2050 it must impose carbon restrictions at any cost. US President Joe Biden said about the same, recalling that the point of no return will be the temperature rise of the planet by one and a half degrees.

Is this really so, and how does it threaten people? - such questions are asked by the publicist Anatoly Nesmiyan, and immediately declares that environmental terror will now be added to the quarantine terror.

Explaining this position, Nesmiyan argues that the middle class, which has suffered the most from the lockdown and continues to lose its savings, habitually deceive itself that it needs to be patient a little longer, and everything will settle down by itself. This is the most common reaction, purely biological, to an external threat - to hide in a house and wait. And only 10-15% of people are able to reflect on the situation and take a risk that will turn out no one knows what. And yes - such people die more often than others, but thanks to them, new models of behavior are developed in the community, which ultimately help all of humanity to survive.

Nesmiyan argues that the nightmare with a general quarantine was staged specifically to overcome the next global economic crisis, which previously ended in wars, but now the military outlook looks too frightening, and therefore it was decided to sacrifice the middle class in a purely "peaceful" way. It is no secret that the aggregate amount of money in the middle class is approximately equal to the amount held by an extremely small financial elite. And it is she who dictates her laws to everyone else.

Therefore, it is no secret that the elite have enriched themselves during the pandemic, and all at the expense of the middle class, and also partly of the lower class, which is simply becoming impoverished before our eyes.

The analyst cites a Russian example: in the first quarter of 2021, Russians have already lost about 600 billion rubles in savings, since incomes no longer allow them to make ends meet. And if you take the whole planet, then the bill goes to trillions. Not rubles, dollars...

But since, after the pandemic, the middle class still expects to regain at least part of what it lost, the upper class needs to do everything to reform the economy so that there is no place for the middle class in the new realities. This "honorable" role is assigned to the fight against warming: under this guise the old economic structure will be abolished and a completely new one will emerge, there will be no middle class in it, but there will be a class of fabulously rich, and a class of equally fabulously poor and destitute, to restrain discontent which will be the security forces.

Thus, according to the analyst, both quarantine and "decarbonization" are two sides of the same task: to overcome the next crisis and reshape the world economy. If it is fulfilled, then the world will change: instead of dividing into developed and developing states, a new line will pass: “the division is not along national borders, but within them. In the new order, there is no place for the "golden billion", it will only draw out "a hundred gold or even fifty million." The new way of life does not stretch the whole country, it will only be in separate developed zones - and the rest will be driven into huge human agglomerations, so that it is easier to control them. To manage such a herd, it is divided into whites, colored people, gays, traditionalists, leftists, rightists, Russians and Ukrainians ... Everything is as usual. Nothing new...”,- Nesmiyan writes.

At first it will all be nervous and difficult, but then everyone will get used to it...