Posted 10 мая 2021,, 09:30

Published 10 мая 2021,, 09:30

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A holiday with tears in the eyes was organized by the police on Victory Square

A holiday with tears in the eyes was organized by the police on Victory Square

10 мая 2021, 09:30
The national holiday with a parade of bikers and fireworks on Victory Square in Moscow turned into a mass crush on the evening of May 9 after the police, without explanation, blocked the passage to the underground passages and closed the entrance to the Park Pobedy metro station.

Irina Mishina

Victory Square is a traditional place for folk festivals on May 9. This year people came here with their families and large companies: visiting the Museum of the Great Patriotic War was declared free, souvenir kiosks were open, participants of the international bike race with watch "Immortal Regiment" stayed in the Victory Park. Many brought children here, who willingly took pictures on rare motorcycles. After visiting the WWII Museum, many remained in Victory Park awaiting fireworks, which can be seen from several points at once in this place. Many were with small children.

The mood of all on May 9 was festive and upbeat, the fireworks were accompanied by shouts of "Hurray!", "Russia!", People congratulated each other. After the fireworks, many, primarily visitors with small children, headed for the exit. But they failed to get out. Immediately after leaving Victory Park, people stumbled upon the fences and cordons of the police and riot police, who shouted into megaphones that the entrance to the Park Pobedy metro station was closed.

But that's not all. It was also impossible to turn into underground passages to get on the buses: the police shouted into megaphones that it was necessary to walk to the Kutuzovskaya or Kievskaya metro stations. Just in case, this is a whole metro station. In such a crush, in a passage bounded by metal fences, walking an entire metro station on foot was an impossible mission. Social distance was out of the question.

Many approached the police and riot police officers and begged to let them in, pointing at young children and talking about the risk of contracting the coronavirus. But the law enforcement officers on the other side of the fence answered in monosyllables: "It is not allowed, go ahead." Some riot policemen simply grinned when they were asked where exactly to go. "Go ... to Berlin!" - answered the people in camouflage to the distraught people with crying children. Those who complained about the risk of infection, the guards answered with a smile: "Nothing, they will cure. If you are lucky."

In the end, the distraught people with children broke through the fence and rushed into the underground passage near Victory Park. The police watched the crush in silence. Why was the entrance to the metro closed and the exits to the street from the narrow corral blocked, no one could answer. Or he didn't want to.

In case Rospotrebnadzor blames the surge in coronavirus diseases after May 9, Muscovites who allegedly "did not comply with anti-epidemic measures" and "social distance", we present photographs of the stampede at Victory Park.

Massively fines passengers without masks and gloves when entering the metro, the Moscow authorities somehow suspiciously quickly forget about anti-epidemic measures, creating a crowd of people in the center. As for the message to the police "why did they come, we would sit at home", I would like to ask the Moscow mayor's office a question: why, in this case, it was necessary to publicly announce the decline in the incidence rate and massively open festive venues?