Posted 10 мая 2021,, 10:35

Published 10 мая 2021,, 10:35

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Dr. Malysheva urged Russian pensioners to refuse from "pastries"

Dr. Malysheva urged Russian pensioners to refuse from "pastries"

10 мая 2021, 10:35
Famous TV presenter reproached Russians for eating "too high-calorie foods".

An amazingly cynical wish to Russian pensioners was made in her blog by teledoctor Yelena Malysheva. She explained why retirees in our country are often obese. It's simple: they eat a lot of high-calorie food. As an argument, Malysheva referred to the "healthy" experience of the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad:

“Stop justifying yourself with a pension! To be overweight, you need to eat a lot and very high in calories. In the besieged Leningrad there were no corpulent people! Don't feel sorry for yourself! And you can lose weight for free, you don't have to buy our diet".

This phrase reminded of another, famous one, which is attributed to the French queen Marie Antoinette. She, having learned about the food riots that had raised her subjects, allegedly declared: "If they do not have bread, let them eat cakes!"

No, Malysheva does not just call on pensioners to eat harmful cakes, on the contrary - she only wishes them well. True, while forgetting that the same pasta, which she probably meant under the guise of "high-calorie food", are of two types: from soft and durum wheat. Moreover, the former cause both fast saturation and rapid weight gain, since they contain the so-called "fast carbohydrates", while the latter are really useful, since the carbohydrates in them are "slow". But the latter are at least twice as expensive as the former and are clearly beyond the reach of Russian pensioners. Just as they cannot afford it, and madly expensive, albeit healthy, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables.

If pensioners, who receive an average of less than 20 thousand rubles of pensions in Russia, switch to healthy and low-calorie foods, then they will have enough money, at best, for a week of such a diet... And this is without taking into account the cost of drugs and utility tariffs.

Malysheva, who lives in America, should know that in her new homeland there is also a problem of obesity, and also among the poor, who, instead of oysters and avocados, eat cheap hamburgers, washed down with cheap and very high-calorie Coca-Cola. But why should Malysheva think about it?