Posted 10 мая 2021,, 09:54

Published 10 мая 2021,, 09:54

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UEFA cancels part of tickets for Euro 2020 matches

UEFA cancels part of tickets for Euro 2020 matches

10 мая 2021, 09:54
Фото: Oleg Bkhambri /
Yesterday, May 9, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) held a draw for the tickets already sold for the matches of the European Football Championship (Euro 2020). On Monday, the owners of some of them began to receive notifications in their personal accounts about cancellation and refund.

Some of the tickets had to be canceled due to stadium occupancy requirements amid the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Games in the same St. Petersburg will be able to visit only 50% of spectators from the capacity of the stands. In the event that more tickets have been sold than the allowed capacity, UEFA, by drawing lots, will cancel some of them.

Earlier, the host cities of the tournament sent confirmation to UEFA with the maximum capacity of the stadiums, - notes RB Sport. Officially, the cancellation of some of the tickets has not yet been announced. It is also not yet known how long the fans will receive their money back.

Euro 2020 itself, postponed to 2021 from 2020 also due to the pandemic, will be held in 11 cities from June 11 to July 11. St. Petersburg got eight matches of the group stage and one game of the quarterfinals. According to "Soviet Sport", one match was moved here from Dublin, which refused to participate in the organization of the championship due to the pandemic.