Posted 11 мая 2021,, 09:22

Published 11 мая 2021,, 09:22

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"It seems like he was after drinking too much alcohol..." Who will pay for the operation to rescue Murakhovsky?

"It seems like he was after drinking too much alcohol..." Who will pay for the operation to rescue Murakhovsky?

11 мая 2021, 09:22
About the disappearance and unexpected appearance of the Minister of the Omsk Region, a variety of versions have been put forward, including a conspiracy theory, but in reality everything is probably much simpler.

As already reported to Novye Izvestia, the Minister of Health of the Omsk Region, Alexander Murakhovsky, was found alive three days after his disappearance. He himself went out to the people and was taken to the hospital, his condition is assessed as satisfactory.

Murakhovsky disappeared on May 7 while hunting near the village of Pospelovo. They were looking for Murakhovsky and hunting companions, and the police, the National Guard, and the Ministry of Emergencies, and volunteers. Moreover, helicopters and drones took part in the search. They also found an ATV, on which the minister went for a ride - it was 6.5 kilometers from the hunting base.

After his appearance from the forest, Alexander Murakhovsky told reporters that he was feeling well and asked the rescuers for forgiveness for missing the Victory Day celebration.

The most incredible versions were put forward about the disappearance of Murakhovsky. The bloggers recalled that the missing person became famous because, while still the chief doctor of the Omsk hospital, to which Navalny was brought in last summer, he gave the oppositionist a bold diagnosis: metabolic disorders. Then he soon became the Minister of Health of the region.

In this regard, publicist Nikolay Podosokorsky writes in his blog:

“The strangeness surrounding the management of the Omsk hospital, where Alexei Navalny was taken after his poisoning in August 2020, continues.

Let me remind you that on March 26 this year in Omsk, at the age of 62, the head of the department of traumatology and orthopedics of the emergency hospital No 1, Honored Doctor of Russia, Rustam Agishev, died. Agishev worked in BSMP No. 1 since 1990 and was well aware of everything that was happening in the medical institution. The official diagnosis is the consequences of a stroke.

On February 4, 2021, at the age of 55, the deputy chief physician for anesthesiology and resuscitation of emergency hospital No. 1, candidate of medical sciences Sergey Maksimishin died. The official diagnosis is a heart attack.

In October 2020, Deputy Chief Physician, Chief Medical Officer Anatoly Kalinichenko resigned from BSMP No. 1. During Navalny's stay in the Omsk hospital, he was engaged in communication with the doctors of the German air medical service, and also supervised the transportation of Navalny to the board of the German plane..."

He is echoed, as always, in verse by publicist Leonid Lyalin:

From Omsk, ten doctors lived in general a little.

One suddenly suffered a stroke and nine of them remained.

The ninth quickly proved none of us is eternal.

There was a simple attack with him. How simple is it? Cordial.

The eighth left at night in the forest, fearing a bullet in the back of the head.

But he did not go far after three days were returned.

Fourth, third and second, seventh, sixth, and fifth,

And first - you need to run, don't wait for your salary here..."

Social psychologist Alexey Roshchin also considers this case strange:

“It's a dark story after all. It seems to be "the law is the taiga," but the laws of the taiga were somehow even defiantly lost by all the participants in the story. In any case - according to the official version. And one more, absolutely mysterious misunderstanding: they just broadcast on the radio that Murakhovsky's ATV was found 6 km from the base. Why didn't he just come back to where he came from? An hour, well, if on rough terrain - 2 on foot. But no - he literally "crossed the forest" and went out after three days, 35 km from the place of the "accident"! Curiouser and curiouser ... The sad thing is that no one will think of giving answers to all these questions..."

Some even suggested (albeit jokingly) that the famous couple, Petrov and Boshirov, were involved in this story...

However, supporters of the conspiracy theory of the disappearance and discovery of Murakhovsky forget one, the simplest, most logical version for our country - banal drunkenness. The public doubted whether Dr. Murakhovsky disappeared at all? Painfully he does not look like a man who wandered through the forest for three days:

"It seems that he was after drinking too much alcohol, found himself under the Christmas tree, he fell asleep, the bears (Petrov and Bashirov) woke up, he got scared, ran, ate noodles on the way, on a stump and driven to the flags, he went out to the people..."

And blogger Ilya Shelepin explained:

“And now the funniest thing in the story with Murakhovsky.

He, the head of the Omsk Ministry of Health, was taken to Bolshiye Uki to rest in a certain businessman Kozachuk. His business is the wholesale supply of medicines, 7,000 government contracts worth 2 billion rubles.

The whole world went to look for Murakhovsky, and did they poison him, the poor, and the Head of the Ministry of Health at that time did not fight off Boshirov and Petrov, but stupidly drunk with the contractor of his ministry - only rode on "quadrics", and not a yacht from the oligarch adopted by federal ministers. The banal ending of the story, which seemed to be a conspiracy crime..."

I wonder who will pay for the operation to rescue the minister: the budget or the official himself?