Posted 11 мая 2021,, 12:09

Published 11 мая 2021,, 12:09

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The price of tolerance: the French are intimidated by the threat of civil war with the Islamists

The price of tolerance: the French are intimidated by the threat of civil war with the Islamists

11 мая 2021, 12:09
Retired and active French military personnel publish open letters to the president, in which they argue about the inevitability of a civil war.

About an extremely disturbing open letter from retired high-ranking French military officials to President Emmanuel Macron, in which they warn of the high likelihood of a civil war with the "hordes of Islamists." The military listed the main threats: "anti-racism", Islamism, immigrant gangs, immigrant enclaves and forbidden zones, and also accused the authorities of passivity and that instead of confronting these threats, they are fighting their own people, and first of all with movement of "yellow vests":

"There is no time for delay, otherwise tomorrow the civil war will put an end to this growing chaos, and the number of deaths for which you will be responsible will begin to count in the thousands".

In response, the authorities sharply reminded the authors of the letter that, according to the law, the military (even former ones) are prohibited from expressing their political views). Of the politicians, only the leader of the extreme right, Marine Le Pen, shared the concerns of the military, and later ex-Minister of Justice Rashida Dati joined her, saying that everything written in the letter is reality:

"When your country is plagued by the plague of street warfare, when you have a constant terrorist threat at your side, when blatant inequality is constantly increasing, then you cannot say that such a country is doing well."

True, there is another point of view, some politicians regarded what was happening as a threat of a completely different kind - a military coup in France. The fact is that half a century ago, similar events took place in the country: in 1961, a number of retired generals also intended to carry out a coup d'etat in order to prevent the French from leaving Algeria, and only with great difficulty did President Charles de Gaulle manage to prevent the implementation of the insidious plan of his former colleagues...

Now the situation is even more complicated, because on May 9, a new open letter appeared, written by the now active French military, who are also confident in the imminence of a civil war and oppose the concessions that the government makes to the Islamists. Including, it says:

“We see how multiculturalism is consolidated in public space, in public debates. We see that hatred of France and its history is becoming the norm. (…) We observed similar trends in many countries before they slipped into crisis and chaos. Everything listed by our former colleagues usually precedes the collapse. Precedes chaos and violence..."

The situation in France is indeed alarming, said network analyst Andrei Nalgin, reporting that armed attacks by Islamists have increased. In the last six months alone, there have been three terrorist attacks, and several more were planned, and therefore this letter has already been supported on the Web by more than 200 thousand French.

It should be noted here that the first stage of regional elections in France begins soon, followed by presidential elections, so these letters will undoubtedly play a role in the election campaign. "Hasn't Europe gone too far with multiculturalism and tolerance, if, as a result, hundreds of thousands of indigenous citizens are afraid of war and putsch?", - analyst sets the question.