Posted 11 мая 2021,, 13:56

Published 11 мая 2021,, 13:56

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Trap for children: high fences around schools - are beneficial for the terrorists?

Trap for children: high fences around schools - are beneficial for the terrorists?

11 мая 2021, 13:56
A solid fence with sharp spikes on top prevented the schoolchildren from getting to safety during the shooting.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, on the morning of May 11, there was a shooting in the Kazan gymnasium No. 175. 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviyev entered the school and opened fire on the students. He was later detained.

The press service of the President of Tatarstan reports that the shooting killed 7 children and a teacher, injuring 20 people. In this regard, the entrance to schools in Kazan was restricted and classes on the second shift were canceled, and a counter-terrorist operation regime was introduced in the city.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan reports that the attacker had no accomplices. After the shooting, 21 people were taken to the city's hospitals, six children are in intensive care. May 12 is declared a day of mourning in Kazan.

Putin instructed Zolotov, taking into account the situation in Kazan, to work out a new regulation on the types of weapons that citizens can use.

Volodin instructed to analyze the legislation in the field of arms trafficking.

The IC opened a mass murder case.

The tragedy has sparked a lively reaction on social media. Everyone is wondering what new measures the authorities will take to prevent this from happening again. Everyone still remembers a similar tragedy in Kerch.

The Parental Supervision public appeals to the officials:

“Russian authorities of all branches and levels. Focus not on fighting parents within the walls and courtyards of educational organizations, but on the true safety of children and teachers! "

Journalist Dmitry Kolezev complains that such situations cannot be predicted or prevented, but the authorities will use this to establish a new ban:

“Mass shootings done by singles or small groups are almost impossible to prevent. But you can control the circulation of weapons more tightly. I would like the government and legislators to put things in order in this matter. I'm afraid that instead of this, after the tragedy in Kazan, they will again begin to prohibit something on the Internet ... "

Another journalist, Sergei Smirnov, agrees with Kolezev:

“In the Kazan school, shooting, by all indications, is a new Columbine. And this is against the background of the fact that the last couple of years, the security forces have carefully monitored all possible shooters.

It seems logical to say that they failed. But in fact, when it comes to a thoughtful loner (or even two or three), a terrorist attack or such a shooting is almost impossible to prevent, despite all the security measures..."

But the Tver journalist Alexander Hamburg drew attention to an obvious problem that could cause an even larger number of victims:

“There is a tragedy in Kazan, a school was attacked. Many children died, even more were injured.

I am watching a video. Do you know what catches your eye and what I noted in Tver establishments? These are impassable squares throughout the territory of high iron fences. It is impossible to get through them neither from above nor from below - in which case it will be lucky for those who can penetrate between the bars of the lattice. There are very few of them.

Kazan - shooting at school, children run in panic, realizing that the only way out is the main gate (and only there they are alone and open) and are trying to get out of the territory. And they cannot - a capital fence with sharp peaks on top. Here are some illustrative photos.

So tightly, for example, my home school №17 is surrounded. If you have to evacuate not through the main entrance, there will be trouble. As happened in Kazan - who left the facade of the school, ran out through the main gate, who in panic evacuated from the other side and from the sides - they stumbled into a fence impassable for a child.

I do not know how to solve this issue, but these not so long ago appeared permanent fences (equipped, for example, with a door using a key code) in such situations leave children in a cage. Safety? Not in the event of a terrorist attack or Columbine.

We hide children behind fences on the "Anti-Terror", forgetting that in an emergency they remain in a critical situation..."