Posted 12 мая 2021,, 12:58

Published 12 мая 2021,, 12:58

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Crisis in Israel: Netanyahu deliberately provoked missile attacks?

Crisis in Israel: Netanyahu deliberately provoked missile attacks?

12 мая 2021, 12:58
According to a network analyst, the prime minister, who faces a prison sentence, has decided to start a "small victorious war".

The media and social networks are actively writing about another, this time a very serious exacerbation of the situation in Israel - there is a real missile war going on there: the Israelis are hitting the Palestinians, the Palestinians are targeting the Israelis. Among the reasons for this situation are called, first of all, the eviction of several Palestinian families from "primordially Israeli" territories, as well as the conflict between the Israeli police and Arab believers on the Temple Mount. However, the social psychologist Alexey Roshchin saw here another reason for such a development of events. According to Roshchin, it was given by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who, as you know, faces imprisonment for numerous violations of the law, and therefore he provoked this war in order to write off all his sins on it.

Roshchin does not exclude the possibility that "Bibi" (nicknamed Netanyahu) made a special deal with the Arab movement Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization in order to raise their shares in front of voters. Roshchin recalled the recent story of the detention of an Israeli woman Naama Issachar at the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. Her toga was detained in the transit zone after drugs were found in her luggage. And even sentenced to 5 years in prison for smuggling.

The problem is that this Issachar was not on the territory of Russia at all and she did not receive her luggage, so there could be no question of any contraband.

Didn't it happen that all this was set up by the Russian authorities specifically so that Netanyahu would then “tearfully” beg the Kremlin not to jail the poor girl, and thereby create an advantageous position for himself in the face of the Israeli voter in the upcoming elections?

“Well, they played it all out, by sheet music. The girl was arrested, hai was raised in the press, she was sentenced - and then Putin, like, went to "Bibi's friend" on the carpet in Israel, and there he admitted that it was clear to everyone from the very beginning: Assakhar, Putin said, did not cross the Russian border, I will have mercy on her, take her, friend, as a sign that you are my authority. And Assakhar was returned, but the case was closed...”, - writes Roshchin.

For this, Netanyahu, according to the author, thanked Putin with support in Syria, where Russia had a difficult situation.

“The ugliest story is coming out. But there is no other way to explain why all this was. Why was an Israeli citizen so stupidly and arrogantly arrested? Why then released? The rating was raised to the old corrupt official, that's why..."

And now dozens of Israelis are dying from missiles, but power is more important for Netanyahu, especially since the prison is shining, and he is reluctant to get into it, - says Roshchin, confident that all this is nothing more than a clever game of the Israeli prime minister.

Well, quite logical in its own way, albeit a very exotic version.