Posted 12 мая 2021,, 08:22

Published 12 мая 2021,, 08:22

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Microwave for the enemies: is there a "GRU energy weapon" in reality?

Microwave for the enemies: is there a "GRU energy weapon" in reality?

12 мая 2021, 08:22
Novye Izvestia has already written about the so-called "Havana syndrome" - a kind of directed electromagnetic radiation used by the special services in their foreign sabotage against American diplomats. So the day before, there were reports of this misadventure in the American media.

Victor Kuzovkov

In 2016, strange events took place in Havana - employees of the American embassy began to complain of a sharp deterioration in health, which did not have a clear medical justification. That is, they had some alarming symptoms and a general deterioration in well-being, but there was simply no apparent reason for this. Then, not finding any new diseases in their employees, the US State Department and the American special services focused on the version that everything that was happening was the work of the Cuban special services, which, “highly likely”, irradiate the American embassy with something intangible, but very, very dangerous. From this radiation, victims experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, and sometimes loss of hearing, which formed the basis for the symptoms of the so-called "Havana syndrome" - a certain health disorder of unknown origin that sometimes happens to American government officials.

Then the most probable cause of the described symptoms was called "directed microwave radiation". Which, of course, is a little strange, since such radiation can create quite powerful interference in the entire complex of the embassy buildings, and, as far as is known, they were not observed at that time. In any case, to the extent that one could assume.

In 2018, Havana Syndrome was already registered in China. And also, mainly, from the staff of the American embassy. The Chinese special services have already come under suspicion, but this time, too, the Americans failed to reliably prove the intentional harmful effect on their employees. But the sediment, as you know, in such cases always remains, and the "Havana syndrome" was not ranked among the conspiracy incidents, but only gave way to more interesting and media beneficial ways of senseless genocide of few people interfering with people. For example, gas "Novichok"...

And a few years later this syndrome waited in the wings - new cases of "attacks" on representatives of the American government were registered in the United States. This time already in the United States itself, which, as we understand, somewhat increases the fury of the drama and strengthens the uncompromising attitude of the American fighters against the forces of evil.

In the investigation undertaken on this matter, at first everything did not go very smoothly - no evidence, no intelligible motives, no dangerous suspects. But the American investigators are not like that - they have the famous and win-win combination of “highly likely” and the GRU, which means that literally any case can be solved, even if it does not have a clear corpus delicti and motive.

As it became known to the American edition Politiko, American officials considered it necessary to focus on the "Russian trace" that allegedly exists in this case. More precisely, there is no trace, but since few have such capabilities, both scientific, technological and intelligence, no one, except for the Russians and the sinister GRU, could have done anything like this. And if this is so, then you should not spray your forces on knowingly false versions, but it is better to immediately focus on the Russians, because, that's it, "highly likely", and we don't need more...

All 18 American intelligence agencies are involved in the investigation. And the clearest justification so far has come from an unnamed veteran of American intelligence who said "it looks, smells and feels like the activities of the GRU." A strong argument, what can I say. But for those who are glad to be deceived themselves, this seems to be quite enough.

As mentioned above, two strange cases of "Havana Syndrome" have now occurred on the territory of the United States itself. Moreover, not just anywhere, but in the vicinity of the White House, and not with anyone, but with the employees of the American administration. The special services sounded the alarm, but then... What happened next, you already know.

Of course, we do not have the opportunity to conduct our own investigation, the scale of which would be comparable in its grandeur to the described problem. But we can still dissect the information we know, relying on ordinary logic and common sense. And it will be quite correct. In any case, it is no less correct than the notorious "highly likely".

First of all, let's not deny - yes, a harmful electromagnetic effect on a person is quite possible. In order not to go far, let's remember an ordinary microwave - you can literally cook almost any organic matter in it, and these devices themselves are quite seriously shielded and protected from accidental harm to humans. For example, if you try to turn on the microwave without closing the door, you will fail - the design will not allow microwave radiation to be emitted outside the oven, so as not to harm a person. That is, even the designers of these devices understand that microwave radiation can be very dangerous. Surely this should be understood by scientists working for intelligence, right?

Yes, this is so, and we can certainly say that such developments are being carried out by the military of all technologically advanced countries. In any case, microwave radiation is used in some electronic warfare (EW) systems, it is planned to be used to fight small drones, and some irresponsible citizens claim that it is also to fight protesters.

But there are some nuances that we must definitely remember. And above all, it is the secrecy of such developments. Yes, as a rule, this is very secret, and usually such samples of equipment or weapons do not leave training grounds or military units, where they are under very tight control.

That is, the situation when the top management of the GRU authorizes the export of samples of so far secret equipment abroad to the Russian Federation, initially looks rather delusional. Well, if only because in the event of a failure and the capture of these samples by the enemy's special services, the one who sanctioned this may lose his position. Together with shoulder straps...

The goals of such actions also look absolutely wild. Tests? But this is crazy - in Russia, let's be frank, there are plenty of opportunities for such tests. Whether the prisoners of our camps, or even those protesting against the Kremlin's policies, there are enough goals for such eerie experiments. That is, these are definitely not tests, because in this case, the competence of our special services should simply be recognized as zero, and then they should be disbanded.

But what then? Intimidation stocks? Punishing someone for something? Also, to be honest, it looks very dubious. The dramatic effect isn't great enough for intimidation - risking some secret development to give someone a headache or nausea? Some kind of madness, excuse me... It looks even more doubtful as a punishment, do you agree?

Let us also mention the probable involvement of "friendly" special services in operations - there are so many "moles" here that poor fellows Petrov and Bashirov look like they are working in an environment, so we will also attract Cubans and Chinese? Some kind of savagery, not special services, excuse me.

Okay, let's say the GRU could do something like that if it had at its disposal some kind of microscopic device capable of affecting a person from a relatively large distance, at least a few tens of meters. But this is unlikely - firstly, the power required is quite large, even microwave ovens consume at least a kilowatt of electricity. And then, the iron rule of radiation propagation, according to which its power is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, leaves us no doubt - for a strong impact at a distance of tens of meters, power of tens, if not hundreds of kilowatts, will be required.

No, of course, we can assume that Russian scientists have found some kind of secret wave, the radiation on which, even weak, fatally affects the human body. Or a new method of focusing radiation has been invented, which makes it possible to effectively influence organics from relatively large distances without increasing the power of the source. But here we return to the topic of secrecy - for the export of such devices without some kind of peak need they will definitely not pat on the head, whether you are even a general of the GRU, even his immediate supervisor.

But most likely, everything is much simpler - we are dealing with yet another staged episode of the struggle of the "forces of light" against their eternal enemy, the sinister GRU. Within the framework of the existing confrontation between the West and the Russian Federation, this is a completely routine scenario. As the saying goes, "slander, slander - something, let it stick!" And our partners are not even concerned with particular reliability, because the main addressees of this media "investigation" are not ours, but the American people. And the CIA will feed them any product. Especially if it is seasoned with the usual horror movie of three ominous Russian letters...