Posted 12 мая 2021,, 08:34

Published 12 мая 2021,, 08:34

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Ombudsman in Tatarstan explained the shooting at school by "lack of state ideology"

Ombudsman in Tatarstan explained the shooting at school by "lack of state ideology"

12 мая 2021, 08:34
The Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child in Tatarstan Irina Volynets (pictured) explained the reasons for the shooting at school # 175 in Kazan by the absolute absence of state ideology, in particular, circles where children could spend time.

“Until there is a state ideology, until the children are busy outside of school after-hours, as it was in the USSR, the situation will repeat”, - she said on the Soloviev Live YouTube channel.

According to the Ombudsman, not all parents, especially in large families, today have money to ensure that their children attend clubs. Therefore, the state must ensure that children attend state circles. She proposed to consolidate the state ideology in the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

In addition, according to Volynets, schoolchildren should not engage in e-sports, because, after sitting at the computer for days, the student "goes crazy and stops distinguishing between reality and virtual reality".

A question from the editor: in which cutting and sewing classes it was necessary to enroll 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviyev so that he would not go to kill?

Let us remind you that on May 11, Ilnaz Galyaviev burst into a Kazan school with a gun and opened fire on children. The shooting killed seven children and two adults. Another 21 people were injured. The families of the victims were promised to pay a million rubles each, the victims - from 200 to 400 thousand rubles.

The attacker on the school was detained. A criminal case was initiated. He faces life imprisonment. During the interrogation, he himself stated that two months ago he "realized that he was a god".